CNC cutting machine

CNC woodworking cutting machine VS CNC engraving machine

Both CNC cutting machine and CNC engraving machine belong to woodworking machinery processing equipment, which can be used for cutting and carving. Although both woodworking cutting machines and woodworking engraving machines belong to woodworking machinery, they are used for cutting and carving, but in terms of specific functions and applications, the two are still very different. For example, CNC cutting machine is suitable for whole house furniture customization, panel furniture production, office furniture production and children’s furniture production and processing.

The CNC cutting machine is an upgraded version of the engraving machine. The cutting machine can be done by the CNC engraving machine, and because of the different configurations, the processing accuracy and processing speed of the cutting machine are much higher than ordinary carving. The function of the cutting machine is also the processing of cabinet doors.

CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine

So what are the specific characteristics of CNC cutting machine compared to engraving machine?

Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving MachineMainly in the following aspects:

  1. The structure of the engraving machine itself makes it impossible to cut materials for a long time. In general, the mainstream configuration of the engraving machine is still dominated by stepper motors. If it is processed for a long time, it is easy to lose steps due to the heating of the inner coil of the motor, which directly affects the engraving accuracy.

Second, the ordinary engraving machine does not have a positioning cylinder, which leads to a large error in the processing process, and the accuracy cannot be achieved. In addition, panel furniture needs to be punched and slotted on the front and back, and the lack of positioning cylinders will also lead to errors between the hole distances.

  1. The running speed of CNC engraving machine is relatively slow, because the stepping motor used by ordinary engraving machine, and the cutting machine is a servo motor, and both are equipped with a reducer, which has sufficient power and stable operation. In addition, ordinary engraving machines are basically one spindle, and there is no way to realize automatic tool change. If you want to process complex processes, you need to manually change tools, which wastes manpower and time, while CNC cutting machines can switch between multiple heads to achieve three heads. Or automatic tool change of four tool heads and roulette tool magazine, and can meet various front and back drilling needs of the cabinet.


All in all, what the woodworking engraving machine can do, the CNC cutting machine can also do it, but the woodworking engraving machine that the CNC cutting machine can do may not be able to do it. As for how to choose, if you just simply do some hollow carving and cutting of door panels, you can choose a woodworking engraving machine, but if you want to do whole house customization of panel furniture, if it involves the cabinet body and cabinet door, use CNC cutting machine. . At present, there are many manufacturers that produce and sell CNC cutting machines on the market, and there are many models of cutting machines, such as the commonly used four-process cutting machines, dual-spindle drilling and cutting machines, and disc tool changing processing, etc., so When buying, you must choose a good manufacturer, because only regular manufacturers will give you good suggestions.

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