Wood Door Cabinet CNC Router

Woodworking CNC automatic feeding and cutting machine price

With the development of science and technology, the emergence of CNC cutting machine equipment can largely replace traditional table saws and woodworking engraving machines for cutting, punching, and grooving furniture panels, and then equipped with professional furniture production and Disassemble the device. The software truly realizes the intelligent production of panel furniture. At present, woodworking CNC automatic feeding and cutting machines occupy a large proportion in the market. Many small and medium-sized panel furniture companies and some new furniture companies will take woodworking CNC automatic feeding and cutting machine as the primary consideration.

CNC cutting machineAt present, all walks of life are constantly developing towards the realization of digital operation, especially the panel furniture customization industry, which has developed from the initial manual manufacturing to the fully automatic processing of CNC cutting machining centers. The emergence of CNC six-sided drilling has completely solved the punching process of the board and realized the real automatic production and assembly line operation of board furniture.

Woodworking CNC automatic feeding and cutting machine is a kind of highly automated woodworking mechanical equipment used in conjunction with index control cutting machine and automatic loading and unloading platform, which realizes automatic loading and unloading, saves workers lifting boards and saves labor costs.

In fact, whether it is a double-station cutting machine or an automatic loading and unloading cutting machine can improve production efficiency, and automatic loading and unloading improves efficiency and saves labor costs, so customers and friends should know more when purchasing CNC cutting machines. , according to your actual needs to choose the appropriate cutting machine.

At present, there are many manufacturers producing and selling CNC cutting machines on the market. Due to the different strengths of the manufacturers, the equipment configuration and performance of the cutting machines produced vary greatly. Therefore, when you buy a CNC cutting machine, you must look for the manufacturer, so that not only the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, but also the after-sales service after training.

Wood Door Cabinet CNC Router

Woodworking CNC automatic feeding and cutting machine price

CNC cutting machine is the most widely used type of intelligent woodworking machinery. It can be used not only in various industries such as wooden doors and furniture, but also in many handicraft carvings. Especially in the wood industry occupies an extremely important position. The huge market of cutting machines has also attracted the development direction of many woodworking machinery and equipment manufacturers, and they have entered the CNC cutting machine market one after another. But at present, there are not many equipments that can be regarded as truly automatic CNC cutting machines. Many are modified or extended from traditional woodworking machinery and equipment structures. So, what are the characteristics of a real cutting machine?

①The vacuum adsorption pump is reasonably configured, the power consumption is guaranteed, and the adsorption is good;

②The unique screw drive system structure ensures stable precision and performance, and ensures the stability of the machine during long-term operation. After long-term carving and cutting, there will be no uneven carving and carving rounded corners;

③The speed of the full lead screw cutting machine is currently the fastest in China. The tracks of the servo motor cutting machine are all straight and square guide rails, which have long service life and high precision; the servo motor drives the cutting machine completely out of the control mode, and the operation is simple. , completely separated from the computer, so that the computer is not affected by the harsh environment; the dust-proof structure of the X-axis of the servo motor cutting machine prevents the machine from easily entering dust under high-speed movement, causing damage to the track slider.

Therefore, when customers buy CNC cutting machine equipment, they must choose a well-known large manufacturer, do a detailed understanding and comparison, and then conduct on-the-spot inspections to understand its performance through the test machine, and then decide to buy.

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