edge banding machine

Small Edge Banding Machine for sale with Double Sided Gluing Machine

What is the Small Edge Banding Machine?

Small Edge Banding Machine for sale with Double Sided Gluing Machine adopts automatic control and has a large edge banding operation range, which can ensure that the hot melt adhesive is not glued or leaking. It is suitable for straight curve edge banding of various plates, with small size and is one of the first edge banding machines to enter the Chinese market. Suitable for all furniture, cabinets, teaching and factories, etc.

edge banding machine

Edge Banding Machine Feature

1.Outlet port, input port of the edge banding designed with limit rod, which can prevent the edge band from rolling up.

2.Pure copper motor, strong power

3.1200W increases power and heats up faster

4.Mechanical automatic conveying edge band

5.Automatic cutting edge banding

Advantage of the Edge Banding Machine

1.Special and advanced gluing device with high quality and better gluing performance.

2.With functions Gluing ,End cutting ,Rough trimming Fine trimming ,Scraping ,Buffing .

3.With touch screen control panel ,making it more convenient and direct while running.

4.Any errors will displayed on the screen ,make it easier to repair .

Edge Banding Machineedge banding machineEdge Banding Machine

Application of Edge trimming machine Wood working Plywood MDF making edge banding machine

An edge banding machine is used to band straight and curve edges during the panel furniture production process. Basic functions include pre-milling, gluing, banding, end cutting, rough and fine trimming, scraping, polishing, slotting, etc. Blue Elephant offers fully-auto and semi-auto banding machines with single or double gluepots, and as well the folding-arm models. It is mainly used for MDF, solid wood, plywood, particle boards.

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