Automatic Cabinet Making CNC Machine

Linear ATC CNC Woodworking Router Machine

ATC CNC router machine is a high-quality, economical, large-format flat-plate router machine technology with an automatic tool change function.

ATC CNC router machine is an advanced CNC engraving machine, which is a good choice for large companies to produce CNC products. Compared with ordinary CNC router machines, ATC CNC router machines have an automatic tool changer and an independent tool library. Therefore, ATC CNC router machines can automatically change tools through computer programs without stopping the machining process and then manually changing tools. ATC CNC woodworking router machine can automatically complete a series of processes such as engraving, cutting, milling, grooving, and hollowing. ATC CNC woodworking machine greatly improves work efficiency and is an ideal choice for mass production.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

What is The Best CNC Router for My Business?

Features of ATC CNC wood router

This machine is made of high-quality steel to ensure high stability and excellent working performance. In addition, our linear ATC CNC router is easy to operate, durable, and has a long service life. The products produced by this machine are exquisite in craftsmanship. Our machines sell well at home and abroad and are well received by users. We can provide you with large wholesale prices. If you are interested, please contact us directly!

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

Effective working area: 1300*2500mm*200mm

9kw ATC air cooling spindle

YAKO servo motor

Linear 10 PCS Tool Magazine

Vacuum & T-slot working table

Japan Shimpo Reducer

DHTN Controller System

Automatic Cabinet Making CNC Machine

Applications of the ATC CNC Wood Router

cnc router machine applicationscnc router machine applications

Wood CNC engraving machines are widely used in the furniture industry, furniture decoration industry, woodworking decoration industry, the musical instrument industry, wooden crafts industry, etc. This machine is suitable for large-area board carving, solid wood furniture carving, solid wood mural carving, MDF carving, and cutting, etc.

Furniture Industry: large-area panel carving, solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art font carving, solid wood carving, MDF paint-free door carving, kitchen window, and door carving.

Mold Industry: it can engrave various molds, wooden molds, aviation wooden molds, propellers, automobile foam molds, etc.

Advertising Industry: acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, aluminum-plastic board engraving and cutting, various signs, badges, seat signs, bronze medals, fonts, fonts, various signs, trademarks, and other materials.

Handicraft Industry: gifts, decorations, wooden toys, metal reliefs, and copper and aluminum fonts.

Musical Instrument industry: carving patterns and patterns.

Packaging Industry: cutting and processing of plastic, wood, etc.

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