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Moving Table CNC Router Machine with Rotary Automatic Tool Changer

CNC router is a machine that uses computer-controlled movements to precisely cut, carve, and shape various materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. A moving table CNC router machine, also known as a gantry router, has a stationary cutting tool mounted on an overhead gantry, while the workpiece is secured to a movable table that moves beneath the cutting tool.

5 axis machining

5 Axis Moving Table Cnc Router is diversified Machine Systems’ 5 Axis with moving table machining centers.Offers a stationary bridge with moving and table design for full 5 axis machining and contouring. These high-precision machines are commonly used for contouring, trimming and drilling processes.

5 axis cnc machine-2

Diversified Machine Systems’ 5 Axis Moving Table Machining Centers offers a stationary bridge with moving table design for full 5 axis machining and contouring. These high-precision machines are commonly used for contouring, trimming and drilling processes. For custom sizes & options,please contact the IGOLDENCNC factory.

Moving Table CNC Router Machine

The 5-axis moving table cnc router is a kind of mechanical equipment with high scientific and technological content and high precision, and the whole machine adopts high-quality components. Can achieve a variety of complex, heavy processing. Using mobile table structure, large flexibility, wide processing range. Good at space surface processing, shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique drilling, chamfering, etc., working speed, traveling speed, cutting speed can be controlled separately, greatly improving productivity. Widely used in aerospace, military scientific research, precision machinery, high-precision medical equipment, normal manufacturing and other fields.

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Moving table CNC routers can be used for a wide range of applications, including woodworking, sign making, prototyping, and general machining. They are capable of cutting intricate designs and shapes with high precision.

Large working area

Moving table routers often have a larger working area compared to other types of CNC routers, allowing you to work on larger workpieces or process multiple smaller workpieces at once.

Improved stability

The stationary cutting tool on the gantry provides stability and rigidity, resulting in higher accuracy and better-quality cuts. The moving table allows for smooth and controlled movement of the workpiece.


Moving table CNC routers can accommodate various sizes and thicknesses of materials. You can easily adjust the position and height of the cutting tool to suit your specific requirements.

Automation and efficiency

CNC routers are programmable machines, meaning you can create designs using computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software and then transfer the instructions to the machine. This automation streamlines the production process and allows for faster and more efficient manufacturing.

Repeatable results

Once a design is programmed and set up, a moving table CNC router can produce multiple identical pieces with consistent accuracy. This is especially beneficial for batch production or when creating complex designs that require precise replication.


Moving table CNC routers can grow with your needs. As your production demands increase, you can upgrade to a larger machine or add additional features and accessories to enhance the capabilities of your existing machine.

5-Axis CNC Router Machine

Moving Table CNC Router Machine with Rotary Automatic Tool Changer

A moving table CNC router machine with a rotary automatic tool changer combines the capabilities of a standard moving table router with the ability to automatically change cutting tools, including rotary tools such as drills or engraving bits. This feature offers increased versatility and efficiency in various manufacturing and machining applications.

Features Of Table Moving 5 Axis CNC Machine:

1. This machine is with double table moving in work so that can improve the working speed.

2. It is very good for small parts 5D products making like craft, wood mould, aluminum mould, foam mould etc.

3. Two tables working together same project and working precision could be +-0.05mm. Z axis is adopted TBI ball screw with diameter 35mm very strong

4. Syntec control system Intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent mechanical collision due to excessive processing of design file.

5. Z-axis travel can be heightened to 2.1 meters, so that very suitable for processing large-scale three-dimensional surface.

6. Adopt TAIWAN Syntec 8axis numerical control system, high machining accuracy and high speed.

7. The Japan THK rails with 30 size. and the Germany original rotating arm ensure the accuracy and strength of the mechanical.

8. Advanced Syntec system with intelligent program that you no need prepare separate post processor just make a suitable 5 axis design in softare then input Syntec system then will be ok.

9. Economic 5 axis rotate spindle motor 10kw which is good for aluminum,wood,foam. pvc,plastice mould making.

10. Heavy structure frame with quality steel tube after hot processing which is better stabilization and good rigidity.

5-Axis CNC Router Machine

CNC Router Fixed Gantry Vs Moving

When it comes to CNC routers, one important design consideration is whether to choose a fixed gantry or a moving gantry configuration. Both configurations have their advantages and are suitable for different types of applications. Let’s explore the characteristics of each:

Fixed Gantry CNC Router

Stability and Rigidity

Fixed gantry routers typically offer greater stability and rigidity because the gantry, which holds the cutting tool, remains stationary during operation. This stability allows for precise and consistent cutting, especially when working with harder or denser materials.

Improved Z-axis Accuracy

With a fixed gantry, the Z-axis (vertical axis) movement is performed by the table on which the workpiece is placed. This design can provide improved accuracy and repeatability in the Z-axis movements, resulting in precise cuts and carvings.

Compact Footprint

Fixed gantry routers often have a more compact overall footprint compared to moving gantry routers. This can be advantageous if you have limited space in your workshop or production facility.

Lower Cost

In general, fixed gantry routers tend to be more cost-effective than their moving gantry counterparts. This affordability can make them a suitable choice for small businesses or hobbyists with budget constraints.

Moving Gantry CNC Router

Increased Working Area

Moving gantry routers typically offer a larger working area as the cutting tool is mounted on a gantry that moves across the workpiece. This larger working area allows for processing larger or longer workpieces or accommodating multiple smaller workpieces simultaneously.

Flexibility in Material Thickness

Moving gantry routers can often handle workpieces of various thicknesses more easily. The vertical clearance between the table and the gantry can be adjusted to accommodate different material thicknesses, making them versatile for a range of applications.

Faster Traverse Speed

Since the gantry moves across the workpiece, moving gantry routers can generally achieve faster traverse speeds. This can result in improved productivity and reduced machining time for large-scale projects.

Easier Workpiece Setup

With a moving gantry, the workpiece remains stationary on the table during machining operations. This can simplify the clamping and setup process, especially when working with heavy or bulky materials.

Simultaneous Processing

Moving gantry routers often offer the capability to perform simultaneous processing, such as cutting and drilling operations, by utilizing multiple cutting tools. This feature can improve efficiency and reduce overall production time.

Ultimately, the choice between a fixed gantry and a moving gantry CNC router depends on your specific requirements, budget, and the type of projects you intend to undertake. Consider factors such as the size and complexity of your workpieces, desired accuracy, available workspace, and cost considerations when making your decision. It is also recommended to consult with CNC router manufacturers or suppliers who can provide guidance based on your specific needs.

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