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Panel furniture production line is a series of software and equipment developed to meet the needs of different customers for panel furniture production. Now, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, their requirements for furniture are getting higher and higher, and the corresponding market is also constantly upgrading and developing. The following introduces the precautions when choosing a panel furniture production line.

Cabinet production linePay attention to the credibility of the corporate brand

The furniture industry is an industry that relies on brands to attract customers’ attention, so when choosing, you can pay more attention to which brand of panel furniture production line has a good reputation, which proves that the brand’s credibility is relatively high.

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Focus on business service level

Another feature that distinguishes the furniture industry from other industries is the level of service, which is similar to the real estate industry. After all, these two industries are based on customer requirements, so everyone should pay more attention to which one has better service quality when choosing. It can save a lot of trouble for the subsequent panel furniture production line customization.

Pay attention to the production process

Panel furniture production line is a specific design, assembly and transportation process, so you need to pay more attention to whether the technological process is perfect when choosing, which is related to whether you can meet your own requirements when you obtain related products and reflect the individuality and characteristics of the product , so this is more critical.

All in all, choosing a panel furniture production line is not something that can be done overnight. In order to allow consumers and producers to cooperate happily and satisfy each other in the process of production, production and purchase, everyone should pay more attention to the above operating brands when choosing. The service level and production process, etc., allow you to choose the panel furniture production line that suits your heart.

What are the maintenance points of the panel furniture cutting machine

When the manufacturer uses the panel furniture cutting machine, a large amount of wood chips will appear in the processing material. Although the machine is easy to use automatically, it still requires maintenance work. Only in this way can it be used for a longer time, and in order to avoid malfunctions, cleaning and pre-use inspections are also required. Specifically, the maintenance points of the panel furniture cutting machine include the following aspects, and these specifications should be carefully followed.

What are the maintenance points of the panel furniture cutting machine

Do regular inspection and maintenance work and daily cleaning work

Because the panel furniture cutting machine is operated every day, after a period of use, it is inevitable that parts will become loose or some other situations will occur. Therefore, mechanical equipment needs to be checked regularly. Replace worn bearings in time. And the panel furniture cutting machine company also reminds to carry out dust cleaning after get off work every day, and do not let dust enter the machine.

Lubrication and maintenance should be timely and standardized operation

According to the high-quality cabinet cutting machine company, since the machine mainly runs on bearings and gears, these key parts must be lubricated to run smoothly without affecting the production progress. The panel furniture cutting machine company emphasizes the need to do a good job of lubrication, check regularly, and deal with it according to the instructions.

Air transport, pay attention to operator safety

The panel furniture cutting machine company recommends that when you open the machine every day, let it idle for a period of time to ensure that the machine is correct, and wait for the machine to run smoothly before proceeding to the next step. And when the panel furniture cutting machine is running, the operator should pay attention to his own personal safety, operate in strict accordance with the specifications, and be cautious to avoid accidents.

The above are several aspects included in the maintenance points of the furniture cutting machine in this city. In addition, the machine equipment should be grounded to prevent electrostatic interference. Knowing which company’s cabinet cutting machine has a good reputation also reminds that if the operator does not have a ground wire, it is easy to affect the transmission of the control signal. Only by doing this well can mistakes be avoided, as well as the setting of machine parameters. You should also pay more attention.

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