Cnc Nesting Router Machine Woodworking Machine

Whole house custom furniture equipment, cnc nesting router machine is an economical door panel processing equipment, which is widely used in the market. In-line tool change machining center, as the name implies, is that the tool magazine is a fixed row, and the follow-up in-line tool change can follow the gantry to move, the tool change speed is fast, the guide rail wear is small, and time is saved.


cnc nesting router machine


Straight row automatic tool changer is the first choice for large-scale production enterprises. Compared with the traditional manual tool change production method, the in-line automatic tool changer has an independent tool magazine, which can automatically replace the required tools. There is no need to stop work during processing. The cnc nesting router machine can complete a series of different processing requirements such as cutting, engraving, slotting, punching, side milling and so on. It has the advantages of high precision, high speed and high efficiency. Especially suitable for the production and processing of custom furniture.


cnc nesting router machine

In-line automatic tool changer and cutting machine is a woodworking CNC milling machine for the production of panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes and engraving cabinet door panels. The cutting section is smoother and has no burrs. It can process square-shaped panels, as well as special-shaped panels, such as blanking of panels with missing corners or arc shapes; it is especially suitable for custom-made furniture in the whole house. Blanking production.
Features of woodworking cutting machine:
1. Suitable for multi-complexity product processing or various processing, can be used for drilling, cutting, side milling, chamfering, etc., with a wide range of functions;
2. All the machinery, electrical appliances and other components of this model are from internationally renowned brands. Such as Japan’s SAMPO reducer, with better performance and longer service life;
3. In-line automatic tool change, the tool magazine can accommodate 12 tools, the tool change speed is fast and the efficiency is high;
4. Adopt Taiwan Baoyuan system, with strong compatibility.

Applicable industries of cnc nesting router machine:

This equipment can process all kinds of plate materials, and can be used in all kinds of plate furniture, computer tables and chairs, wooden doors, cabinets, paint-free doors, bathroom cabinets, screens, wave boards, musical instrument processing, speaker wooden shells, sewing machine countertops and other industries.
Applicable materials for woodworking cutting machine:
MDF, particle board, fireproof board, wood board, PVC, hibiscus board, engineering plastics, epoxy resin, bakelite, imitation stone, EPS, PP, PE, PS, ABS and other boards.

CNC nesting router machine, 16 or 20 servo tool magazines, automatic tool change, the choice of customers in the cabinet door industry, no manual tool change, high efficiency. The panel furniture production line equipment with automatic loading and unloading is a high-end cabinet door CNC cutting machine in one step. With the cutting device, it saves labor and is highly efficient. It is a good furniture production line equipment. There are 12 automatic tool change machining centers in a straight row. It is the most used by customers in the cabinet door industry. It is also cost-effective. For details, you can consult the manufacturer for sales first, or if you have time, you can come to the Jinan factory to inspect the site. look at the equipment.

The popularity of cnc nesting router machine has gradually made everyone realize that the production of panel furniture in the future is more affected by factors such as product accuracy, exquisiteness, diversity, and processing efficiency. The CNC cutting machine can easily solve this problem, and it only takes two to three days of learning to master it. Moreover, the machining accuracy of the CNC cutting machine and the exquisiteness of the pattern are not comparable to those of manual work. The processing efficiency of the CNC cutting machine is the best choice for the panel furniture industry.

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