Wood Cutting Saw Machine

Panel saws exported to the US

Sliding table saws are commonly used equipment for cutting panel furniture,Has been loved by many furniture manufacturers.

Wood Cutting Saw MachineThe Introduction of Panel saw

The main structure of the sliding table saw is to use two saw blades, namely the main saw blade and the scoring saw blade. When cutting, the scoring saw is used for cutting in advance, and the bottom surface of the processed plate is first sawed to make a groove with a depth of 1 to 2 mm and a width of 0.1 to 0.2 mm thicker than the main saw blade to ensure that When the main saw blade is cutting, the edge of the saw edge will not tear, so that a good sawing quality can be obtained. The scoring saw blade has a small diameter, usually about 120mm, and is driven by a separate motor. The speed of the saw blade is generally above 9000r/min, and the cutting speed is generally 56-60m/s. The scoring saw blade and the main saw blade are required to be aligned in the same vertical plane. The diameter of the main saw blade is &8943; generally 300~400mm, which is driven by the main motor through the V-belt. Depending on the diameter of the main saw blade and the type of material to be processed, the main saw blade can use a tower wheel for variable speed. The tower wheel has a simple structure and a constant power output, which is more in line with the actual needs of wood processing. The power of the main motor is generally 4-9kw. In order to make the speed adjustment simple and convenient, a special V-belt is used to ensure that a single belt can meet the required power transmission. The rotation speed of the main saw blade is generally 3000-6000r/min, and the distance between the main saw blade and the scoring saw blade is generally about 100mm.

American customer Carlos comes from the Alibaba international marketing platform. Carlos visited our store to communicate with us. Carlos needs to process plywood with a thickness of 18mm. Carlos hesitated between different machine suppliers. Tell us that one of the suppliers has a very low price and has dropped it several times in a row. We referred to the supplier’s quotation for him, and found that the configuration and details shown in the quotation were very vague. And we did not reduce the price because we must ensure that the quality of the machines sold to customers is good. After our explanation, the customer chose us after learning about our factory scale and export experience. After the machine arrived at the customer’s factory, the customer thought that the style and quality of our machine were very satisfactory. Our engineer guided him on-line, and the customer was able to operate the machine more proficiently within a few days. The customer also offered to introduce us to multiple customers, which is really a pleasant cooperation.

Wood Cutting Panel Saw Machine

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