Stone Engraving Machine Application Objects And Characteristics

The stone engraving machine realizes the mechanization and automatic production of stone products, which greatly improves the production efficiency. This is also an important reason why stone engraving machines are popular among people. The stone engraving machine can carry out high-tech engraving and computer automatic control engraving equipment in natural stone, glass, ceramics, etc.

CNC Stone Machining Center

Stone CNC engraving machine

Stone engraving machine is divided into light stone and heavy stone. Heavy-duty stone engraving machines are generally specially used for stone carving, with high configuration, rack-and-pinion drive, and faster speed. The gantry is a steel gantry, using helical rack transmission, Taiwan’s linear square rail, and the spindle motor also uses constant power; of course, there are also Engraving machine with heavy-duty bed, rack drive and circular track. It is suitable for marble, granite carving, tombstone carving and relief carving.

Double Head Stone Engraving Machine

The light stone engraving machine is generally driven by a lead screw, which is used to engrave plates with lower hardness. The spindle motor equipped is generally 3kw, or less than 3kw, but the light stone engraving machine is slow due to the lead screw drive, and the Y-axis is driven by a single drive. And the drive motor is also small. The price is favorable, suitable for simple relief carving, and the softer plate is more suitable.

As a traditional stone carving industry in China, stone engraving machines have made important contributions to stone engraving machines. It can meet individual requirements in stone carving, calligraphy, ceramics, ceramic tiles, and artistic design.

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