4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

Four-process CNC cutting machine in 2022

The working area of the four-process CNC cutting machine is 1600*2500*200 mm. The four-process CNC cutting machine adopts a solid welded steel pipe frame to realize the appearance of the four-process CNC cutting machine. The company’s four-process CNC cutting machine Y-axis is equipped with dual motors to ensure smooth operation. The vacuum design of the bed is convenient for the operation of the four-process CNC cutting machine, and the operation is simple. The intelligent protection system can prevent the four-process CNC cutting machine from being damaged due to misoperation. The four-process CNC cutting machine is widely used in single-line, milling, three-dimensional cutting and engraving in furniture processing, woodworking decoration, wood art, home decoration, door manufacturing and other industries.

4 Processes CNC Cutting MachineFour-process CNC cutting machine is mainly used for processing home doors, composite doors, cabinet doors, bedside tables, classical furniture and various panel furniture. The three spindles can be processed automatically one by one, so there is no need to manually change the tool, and three different jobs can be completed on one multifunctional CNC cutting machine. The four-process CNC cutting machine adopts a heavy-duty machine tool structure and is welded with an 8 mm thick steel square tube, with small deformation, good rigidity and high strength. On the four-process CNC cutting machine, the dust collection system collects dust in real time.

4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

Four-process cutting machine

For the four-process CNC cutting machine, we still have to make sufficient preparations before use, which can also avoid the influence of the machine’s failure during use, resulting in the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, it is particularly important and necessary to conduct an inspection before the operation of the four-process CNC cutting machine.

The operator must be very familiar with the four-process CNC cutting machine. Whether it is the structure and application range of the cutting machine, or the technical specifications of the cutting machine, as well as the safety rules that must be followed during use, they must have a certain grasp. Better use to avoid surprises. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the basic knowledge of the operator, and relevant safety training should also be carried out on a regular basis.

4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

Before the official start of work, a comprehensive inspection of the four-process CNC cutting machine should be carried out to check whether the connecting bolts of each part are loose, check whether the transmission device of the engraving machine is normal, and whether the buttons of the engraving machine are normal. In addition, check the cutting material. Whether the lubrication system, pneumatic system and various safety systems of the machine are in good condition. This is something to pay attention to, then after checking the power, there will be no problems.

Before the formal processing, the four-process CNC cutting machine should be idling for one turn, because only by air transport can better ensure that every part of the machine is normal and ensure its safety.

Four-process cutting machine

When the four-process CNC cutting machine is running, the operator should pay attention to personal safety and strictly abide by the safety regulations to avoid accidents.

The four-process CNC cutting machine is an economical multi-function numerical control equipment. The four-process numerical control cutting machine has four spindles. When producing panel furniture, all four spindles can realize punching processing, two of which are high-power The main shaft is dedicated to grooving and blanking, and the other two are dedicated to punching.


Automatic lubrication system: provide lubricating oil to the equipment regularly and quantitatively to ensure the normal high-speed operation of the equipment, and has functions such as abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm. Guarantee the accuracy and prolong the service life of the transmission mechanism.

Automatic tool setting device: high-precision automatic tool setting instrument, 1 micron repeatability, suitable for 95% of the operating systems on the market, easy to install, the tool setting surface is made of superhard alloy, stable and durable, IP67 deep waterproof. Improve machining accuracy and work efficiency. Compared with manual tool setting, it saves 70% of operation time, improves machining accuracy by 30%, and reduces product defect rate.

Positioning cylinder device: 90° angle L-shaped cylinder, sway rate is within 2 wires, the cylinder is made of high-precision aluminum alloy, the cylinder surface is flat and smooth, the cast iron base is durable, the optional shaft diameter is easy to install, and the thread is clear and has good sealing performance. Automatic lifting, accurate positioning of the board to be processed, reducing the time for manual positioning of the board, and improving the board loading efficiency; with a cross-border protection device When the positioning shaft of the cylinder is extended, the machine will automatically stop working to prevent the spindle tool from cutting Cylinder or prevent the cylinder shaft from damaging the tool, thus improving safety performance.

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