Four Processes CNC Wood Router

What is the difference between a multi-process woodworking engraving machine and a ATC center machine?

CNC multi-process woodworking engraving machine and woodworking processing center have both similarities and differences. Let’s take a look at their differences below~

  1. Four Processes CNC Wood RouterObject-oriented is different

The 4 axis wood carving machine is aimed at the middle-end customer group, suitable for solid wood doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, paint-free doors, paint doors, soft-pack doors and other simple designs and colors, which can be completed with 2-3 knives. The woodworking processing center is oriented to all customers. It can produce works with complex designs, various shapes and high precision, which require many knives to complete.

4 Spindle CNC Router Machine

  1. The principle of tool change is different

The multi-process woodworking engraving machine has multiple heads. For example, the three-process woodworking engraving machine has three heads, and different types of knives are installed on the three heads. When the tool needs to be changed, different heads can work independently. The woodworking machining center has only one machine head, but it has a tool magazine. Different models have different tool magazine capacities, including 8, 12, etc. When changing the tool, the machine head moves to the tool magazine, selects the required tool, and returns to continue engraving.

  1. Different engraving speed and precision

Because of the high price and high configuration, the woodworking processing center is better than the multi-process woodworking engraving machine in terms of processing speed and engraving accuracy.

  1. Different control systems

The multi-process cnc wooden router furniture generally uses the NC-studio control system, and the woodworking processing center generally uses the new generation of numerical control system.

  1. Different functions

The multi-process wood cutting machine can be operated in simple steps such as engraving and drilling, while the woodworking machining center has the functions of cutting, milling, side milling, and chamfering in addition to the engraving function.

  1. In addition to the above differences

They also have some common points, such as: they can automatically change the tool, and the engraving speed and accuracy are higher than ordinary woodworking engraving machines.

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