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2060 3d Foam Milling Machine Carving Eps Foam Polystyrene

Item No.: iGW-MC-2060

EPS Foam CNC Router is one kind of foam CNC machines, it is mainly working as a CNC foam cutter for styrofoam carving, it has a big working dimension, does a good job in carving or cutting of large scale workpieces in different materials, such as wood, aluminum, styrofoam, but not for steel, iron, etc.

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Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Price Range: $17000-$19000

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4 Axis CNC Foam Cutter

This is the professional foam CNC router,it is widely used in foam industry.Such as foam mold,decoration,handicrafts.As a 4 axis CNC foam cutter,the spindle of this machine can rotate ±90 degree,so it can produce 3d products .it is also a ATC CNC router machine.This machine has 8-position tool rack, so this machine has a very fast processing speed. The 4d eps CNC router can realize engraving, cutting, hollowing, lettering and other functions. If you like this foam CNC router, please leave your contact informations.

The integral structure bed adopts seamlessly welded thick-walled square tube, so this machine is extremely stable and has a long service life. The eps CNC router machine can realize a variety of processing techniques, such as embossing, lettering, hollowing, cutting, vertical carving, round carving, etc., and it can realize seamless splicing, so it is suitable for various shapes of foam. If you want to do foam industry, then this foam CNC router is the best choice.

3D Foam cutting machine

CNC Foam Router

Main Parts Of Foam Cutter Machine

foam carving
Foam CNC Router
ATC CNC Foam Router
X-Y-Z Axis Drive System

Application of Foam Carving Machine

CNC Foam Cutting Machine Applicable Field

The 4 axis machining centre at a good price, provide several configurations to meet different requirement, perfect for several kinds of foam and mould router, the innovation model designed by iGOLDENCNC, combined with a competitive set of configurations.

CNC Foam Cutting Machine Hot applications include:

>Carving all kinds of non-metal materials processing such as foam, lost foam, automobile foam mold, yacht mold, large ship wooden mold, cast wooden mold, engineering plastic materials, aviation wooden mold, propeller, train wooden mold, etc.
>Foam processing of automotive stamping molds, casting wood molds, automotive interiors, processing of engineering plastic materials;

>Other industry molds: electrical appliance molds, lighting molds, ceramic sanitary ware, three-dimensional curved surfaces for large musical instruments, instrument molds, home appliance molds, air-conditioning molds, automotive molds, automotive interior molds, etc.

Wooden Crafts Hollowing

Plastic Mold Making

Car Mould Making

Foam Mold Making

3D Foam Mold Making

Board Furniture Carving

EPS Mold Making

Aluminum Mold Making

CNC 3D Foam Molding Cutter Parameter:

Model iGW-MC-2060
Working area 2000*6000*1100mm
Spindle China HQD 9kw atc air cooling spindle + swing 180 degree
Inverter Fuling
Motor Japan Yaskawa 850W servo motor
Driver Japan Yaskawa 1kw servo driver
Control System Syntec 6MB control system + hand wheel
Table Vacuum & T-slot table with 7.5kw air vacuum pump
Transmission XY helical rack, Z Taiwan TBI ball screw
Guide rail Taiwan linear guide
Ball screw Z TBI ball screw 
Body Thick steel tube Welded body
Beam Steel beam
Columns Steel columns
Control box Independent control box
Colour Custom made
Lubrication Automatic oiling
Tool Setting Automatic Tool Calibration Sensor
Dust collector Double bag dust collector
Voltage 3 Phase/380V/50HZ
Rotary axis Optional part

Features Of  EPS Foam Carving Machine

High Quality Servo Motors Of 3D Foam CNC Router

Automatic Tool Changer Function

Aluminum T-Slot Table And CNC Tool Calibration

Hiwin Square And Rack And Pinion Of 4 Axis CNC Foam Router


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Hand-tool working greatly affects the efficiency and quality of mold making. CNCs have the advantages of uniform margin, fast processing speed, and high processing quality, this CNC foam cutting machine is widely used in many industries, which not only improves the quality of mold castings but also shortens the mold production cycle.

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We will provide you with “training videos”, “instruction manuals”, “operation manuals” that are easy to learn and operate.

We will provide a manual with simple troubleshooting of the machine, which will help you deal with common problems on the machine.

We will provide a lot of technical support and after-sale service online, just like detailed technical and installation instructions. For example, when you encounter a maintenance problem, we will make a complete and detailed video of the operation process based on the problem, it seems that I am on your side to guide you on how to deal with the problem.

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We insist on hands-on training for customers on each machine sold. The training is free and we will cooperate with you to ensure that you operate comfortably with your new machine.

We feel proud of our expertise and educational ability for installing, properly maintaining and most effectively using iGOLDENCNC machines.

5-Special design, customized, OEM order

iGOLDENCNC is willing to help you realize your special ideas and requirements with our innovative ability. Therefore, when you need specially designed or customized machines and OEM machines, please contact us immediately.

Packing For CNC Router

Packing For EPS CNC Router

Step 1: PVC film packing, which can ensure that the  CNC router is completely covered, avoiding water and rust. Step 2: Wooden box packing, with a fixed template on the outermost layer. Step 3: All of the packing are inspected carefully by QC before delivery.

Quality Control-Strict Quality Control System

Each machine needs to go through 13 inspection processes from order to delivery. Advanced testing equipment are used, such as: dynamic balance tester, CNC high precision machining machine, 3D measuring machine;

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