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CNC Foam Cutting Machine
CNC Foam Cutting Machine
CNC Foam Cutting Machine
Foam Cutting Machine
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CNC Foam Cutting Machine for EPS, EPP, XPS

Item No:: iGF-C

CNC Foam cutter, also known as electric heating wire foam cutting machine, CNC foam cutting machine, can be used for material cutting and 3D mold making of polystyrene foam (EPS), polypropylene plastic foaming material (EPP), XPS extruded board.

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Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Price Range: $17000-$19000

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Who is it for?

CNC foam cutting machine is designed by iGOLDENCNC with a reasonable price with a high-strength mechanical structure, which is very suitable for the casting industry, packaging industry, advertising industry, EPS building lines, film and television props and other industries, using imported linear guide rails to ensure accuracy, and provides a set of competitive configurations. Popular applications include:

>Cutting woven rubber sheet, pearl cotton, foamed rubber sheet, extruded plastic sheet and other grooves, rubber sheet and rubber rod;
>Cut the tubular webbing;
>Cut thin chemical fiber cloth (such as curtain cloth, advertising cloth, white painting, etc.);
>Cutting chemical fiber carpets and thin plastic walls;
>Cut off the corners of office furniture decorative fabrics (such as screen fabrics);
>Eliminate grease or organic stains on the surface of ceramic tiles;
>EPS foam cutting machine can cut the plastic workpiece gate (gate) material and so on;
>Cut various foam boards.

What makes it unique?

The iGF-C series is very popular among foam processors, can save labor and time, and is specially designed for foam processing.

>For cutting EPS/Polypropylene/EPP/XPS;
>The material utilization rate is as high as 98%, saving material costs;
>Heavy industry quality, stable operation for ten years;
>The operation is simple and the obstacles are cleared quickly, which is conducive to learning;
>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

Applications of CNC foam cutting machine

Wooden Crafts Making

Plastic Mold Making

Car Mould Making

Foam Mold processing

3D Foam Mold Making

Doll Model Carving

EPS Mold Making

Aluminum Mold Making

Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.04mm
Command Language G Code
Flash Memory 128G
Max. Rapid Travel Rate 5000mm/min
Max. Working Speed 800mm/min
Working Voltage 380V/50Hz
Running Environment Temperature About 25℃
Relative Humidity <85%
Ps. Adjustment is available according to locally requirement
Working Area (X,Y,Z) 3000*1300*1300mm
Packing Size 3600*2000*1500mm
N.W./G.W. 1000KG
Working Area (X,Y,Z) 3000*2000*1300mm
Packing Size 3600*2700*1500mm
N.W./G.W. 1500KG

Features of CNC foam cutting machine

Heavy Duty Thickened Body

The foam cutting machine body is welded with a thickened square tube (70*140/100*200), and the rack surface of the guide rail is milled by a five-face milling machine to ensure the accuracy of the equipment operation.

The weight of the whole machine is about 800 kg, and the operation is more stable.

The Stable Gantry

The gantry of the CNC foam cutting machine is made of aluminum profile material, which is light in weight and not easy to deform.
Different from the common equipment on the market using square tube welding: top-heavy and light-to-foot, jitter phenomenon occurs during operation, which affects processing accuracy

The Worktable

The worktable is made of 20mm thick high-density polyester board, which is not deformed and resistant to high temperatures.
And use the machining center to finish milling to ensure the flatness of the table.
There is a positioning line on the table to facilitate the alignment of the unloading.

Most of the equipment in the market is made of wood, glass, thin aluminum or even without countertops. It is impossible to avoid large cutting errors caused by deformation of the table. Affect the use effect.

High-precision Transmission System

It adopts high-precision square linear guide rail, equipped with high-precision helical rack and high-precision ball screw.
It adopts double guide rail and one screw drive mode, which has high precision, long service life, large contact surface and strong load bearing capacity.
The vertical rail technology can better ensure the stability of operation.

Most common equipment on the market uses round rails or common small-brand square rails with small contact area. The device does not run smoothly.

CNC Foam Cutting Machine

Advanced Drag Chain

Adopting national standard high-flex cables, with high quality and long service life. And use drag chain to fix, anti-interference, anti-winding.

Different from the common foam cutting machines in the market, the inferior towline has higher durability.

Fixed Way

The crossbeam of the foam cutting machine adopts the hanging plate type fixing method, which makes the equipment operation more stable and higher precision.

Different from the common equipment on the market, the beam directly squats on the bed, which will jitter due to the heavier square tube welding gantry. Affect processing accuracy.

Options of CNC foam cutting machine

Portable 3D Scanner

3D scanner

1. Dark and black objects can be scanned directly to get rid of the dependence on contrast enhancers;
2. Two scanning modes, which can scan with or without a dot, saving a lot of time.
3. High precision and fast speed.

Industry Application
Automobiles and accessories; aerospace ships; rail transit; mechanical design and manufacturing; home decoration; architectural cultural relics; education and scientific research; virtual reality display; crafts and Buddha sculpture industry; 3D printing supporting

This machine can make foam such as EPS, also can make wood such as MDF, thin-metal such as aluminum, plastic such as acrylic.

Travel speed is 50000mm/min,working speed is 25000mm/min.

Yes, can add rotary for achieve cylindrical carving as your requirement.

Of course ,you can send us design ,we can make sample and take a video for you.

Do you need a catalogue, price or machine working video? Please let us know your name and email, we will send you more information asap.

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