Automatic Wood Cabinet Making CNC Router
Automatic Wood Cabinet Making CNC Router
Nesting CNC Machine with Auto Loading Table
Automatic Wood Cabinet Making CNC Router

Nesting CNC Machine with Auto Loading Table for Furniture Making

Item No.: IGC-TD

The CNC automatic tool change ATC machining centre is equipped with 9-hole drilling bag, equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, and independent operation. Usually used in conjunction with labelling coding machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms. High speed, high precision, high efficiency and stability. It is suitable for processing various cabinet doors and wooden doors.

Category: Furniture CNC Machine>>Door Making Machine
Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month
Price Range: $19395-$21395

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Who is nesting cnc machine for?

The most advanced, multi-function ATC Nesting CNC machine with drilling bank and auto loading table, perfect for professional scaled furniture manufacturers, designed by iGOLDENCNC for changing tools automatically while working, combined with a competitive set of configurations. Hot applications include:

>Production and processing of various types of furniture: cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, computer tables, children’s furniture, panel furniture, cutting and cutting, slotting and perforating, decoration hollow frames, soft bag background wall production, etc.;
>Wooden door and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and composite door, cabinet door, large-area plate carving, solid wood, panel furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, etc .;
>Wood products processing: clocks, electrical countertops, sporting goods and equipment;
>Musical instrument industry: three-dimensional curved surface and shape cutting of sculptable musical instruments;
>Crafts industry: photo frames, jewellery boxes.

What makes nesting cnc machine unique?

Popular with wooden door manufacturer which wanna save labor and time, the iGC-TD series nesting CNC machine is designed for wooden door production line. It is mainly used in various furniture door processing, such as wooden door, solid wood door, cabinet door, etc.

>Cutting, punching, grooving and pushing the material in one;
>The utilization rate of the plate is as high as 98%, which saves the material cost;
>Heavy industry quality, stable operation for 10 years;
>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;
>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

Applications of ATC Nesting CNC Machine

Nesting CNC Router Machine

Wooden Window Processing

Cabinet Door Processing

Nesting CNC Router Machine

Wood Hollowing Cutting

Instrument Panel Milling

Wood Clock Processing

Wooden Furniture Making

Customized Furniture Making

Wood Relief Carving

Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Command Language G Code
Flash Memory 128G
Max. Rapid Travel Rate 50000mm/min
Max. Working Speed 30000mm/min
Spindle Power 9.0kw air cooling
Spindle Speed 24000rpm/min
Working Voltage 380V/50Hz
Running Environment Temperature About 25℃
Relative Humidity <85%
Ps. Adjustment is available according to locally requirement
Working Area (X,Y,Z) 1500*3000*200mm
Packing Size 4400*2700*2700mm
N.W./G.W. 2300KG

Features of ATC Nesting CNC Machine

9kw High-power Air-cooled Automatic Tool Change Spindle

Automatic tool changer, high speed, low noise, zero maintenance cost and long service life.

> Imported bearings from Germany; bearings with dust cover, more secure;
> Use ISO30 tool holder to realize fast automatic tool change and improve work efficiency;
> Air-cooled motor with high engraving strength and normal operation under low-temperature conditions;
> Using high-quality motor rotor, low vibration and noise, stable operation, high accuracy and long life;
> The grinding process can be used to increase the concentricity of the motor and extend the service life.

5*4 Drill Bank

To meet the processing requirements of various non-metallic materials, the drill pack adopts four vertical and five horizontal arrangements to realize the function of simultaneously drilling multiple holes.
It can punch holes of different sizes to improve the efficiency of punching.

Nesting CNC Router Machine

Disc Tool Bag

The tool bag is equipped with 8-24 cutters as standard, and the tool change time is only 5 seconds, to meet the processing needs of different processes, it is suitable for mass processing of complex products.
Effectively improve processing efficiency and accuracy.

Heavy Duty Thickened Body

After large-scale gantry milling, high-temperature tempering and quenching, segmented rectangular tube welding machine, welded by multiple rectangular tubes with a thickness of 6mm, the weight of the machine bed is 1200kg, with built-in reinforcing ribs. The column and the bed adopt side-mounted assembly, which makes the equipment run more smoothly; the five-axis machining centre mills the connection datum plane and drills once to ensure product accuracy.
Eliminate internal stress, higher toughness, tensile strength and dimensional stability. Effectively improve the accuracy of the bed and reduce the machining error of the workpiece. Increase the resistance and stability of the guide rail.
Reduce the loss of equipment in use. The precision of the machine tool can be maintained for a long time without deformation for 10 years. The equipment has good stability and reduces the machining error caused by the vibration of the bed.

Nesting CNC Router Machine

The Third-generation Gantry

The thickened rectangular tube beam can bear the weight of less than 1000 kg and is tempered and annealed at high-temperature.
High strength, good rigidity, strong toughness, lightweight, no deformation, long service life.
The damage to the motion transmission device is small, and the resistance to the drive motor is small so that the gantry accuracy is maintained for a long time, the service life is improved, and the maintenance and use costs are reduced.

Double-layer Vacuum Adsorption Worktable

The workbench structure is divided into upper and lower layers, with a gas storage chamber in the middle, and the workbench has 128 or more adsorption holes. The plate is fixed during processing. One is the suction of the vacuum pump, and the other is the vacuum pump evacuates the gas in the air chamber of the countertop, resulting in a low-pressure air chamber, and then the plate is pressed by the atmospheric pressure to prevent the plate from sliding easily.
The workpiece is controlled in two ways. The worktable is equipped with an air chamber and the force is even. No matter whether it is a whole board or a small board, it does not runoff.
When we process panels, open the vacuum valve, the panels will be directly fixed, which saves a lot of time than manual fixation, and the fixation is more stable, suitable for wardrobes, cabinets, panel furniture, etc.

High-precision Transmission System

The positioning accuracy of the machine is 0.02mm, the maximum running speed is 50,000mm/min, and machine working life up to 10 years.

Taiwan HIWIN Guide Rails and Rack

Japan YASKAWA Servo Driver

Japan SHIMPO Reducer

Upgraded Intelligent Control System

Taiwan SYNTEC System.

A. Strong compatibility compatible with many CAD / CAM software such as Type3 / Artcam / Castmate / Proe / UG / Carved Wentai.
B. Advanced file pre-processing function helps users to correct errors in processing files in time.
C. Advanced three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm, the polyline is stable, ensuring the speed and accuracy of the curve.
D. It has the function of breakpoint and breakpoint engraving, and the function of automatic error correction when returning to the origin, which effectively guarantees the processing accuracy when working for a long time.
E. The system is easy to operate, responds quickly, and quickly removes obstacles, which is conducive to learning.

Optimized Software for CNC Nesting Machine

Special software with optimized performance

> Cutting, slotting, drilling and carving are completed once;
> High speed of automatic calculation – only input the length, width and height of the finished product, and automatically calculate the size of the plate needed for the top plate, side plate, door plate, etc;
> Save plate and improve the utilization rate of plate – according to the required size of the calculation plate and different plate materials, optimize the combination through the calculation optimization software, give priority to the use of surplus materials, and then increase the optimization rate and through cutting to improve the utilization rate of plate;
> Reduce the error rate – the optimized results can be directly entered into the program, and can be matched with the cutting machine to avoid human input errors and improve production efficiency.

High-precision Automatic Tool Sensor

High precision automatic tool sensor, 1um repeatability, suitable for 95% of the operating system in the market, easy to install, super-hard alloy for the blade surface, stable and durable, IP67 class deep waterproof.
Compared with a manual toolset, the machining accuracy and work efficiency are improved. The operation time is saved by 70%, the machining accuracy is increased by 30%, and the defective rate of products is reduced.

France Schneider Electric Components

Advanced anti-interference ability, stable signal, suitable for the different working environment, high safety.
Stable operation for 10 years, ensure engraving machine circuit safety, safety performance improved 50%.

Automatic Lubrication System

Guaranteed machine’s lubrication all the time, ensure the smooth operation of the CNC router, with abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm. It will extend the service life of the transmission system and whole machine, and reduce maintenance time, increase your profits.

Auxiliary Loading and Unloading Device

Feeding assistant, heavy-duty wear-resistant roller, saving time and labour, feeding speed increased 40%.
Automatic pushing, automatically push the processed plate to the blanking table, complete the secondary dust removal, ensure the table clean, improve the processing accuracy and unloading speed.

Variable Frequency Dust Collector

The special dust collector remover system with anti-static device, explosion relief device and strong pulse anti blocking device is adopted, the dust removal efficiency can reach 99%, no dust secondary flying, energy saving and environmental protection, and safe operation of the equipment is ensured.

Automatic Cylinder Positioning Device

90 ° L-shaped double-sided cylinder device, cast iron base, to ensure the continuous positioning and collision of plates without deformation, automatic lifting, accurate positioning for the plates to be processed, reduce the time for manual positioning of plates, and improve the efficiency of plate loading; equipped with cross-border protection device, when the positioning axis of the cylinder is extended, the machine will automatically stop working to prevent the spindle cutter from cutting the cylinder or prevent the cylinder shaft from damaging the cutter tool and improves the safety performance.

Options of ATC Nesting CNC Machine

Automatic Loading and Unloading Table

Save labor costs, quickly return to cost, meet the needs of the production line, fully automatic intelligent operation, increase efficiency by 200%.

Loading Platform

The platform can automatically adjust the height according to the number of plates. When automatic feeding is required, the adsorption device mounted on the beam can absorb the plate from the auxiliary feeding platform, and drag the plate to the processing table through the movement of the beam.

Unloading Platform

Through the pushing system mounted on the beam, the processed plates can be pushed to the blanking table. The auxiliary conveyor’s conveyor can complete the feeding without moving the position of the board.

Automatic Coding Table

According to the processing information, the plate is identified in advance and the corresponding barcode is automatically pasted on the plate. The operator only needs to easily remove the processed plate.

Double Working Table

Double table structure, one table can be processed, the other table can be waited for, alternate processing reduces the standby time in the work cycle.

Multi-axis Robotic Arm

Robot arms can be used in the front cutting area and the rear sorting area of the machine, which effectively reduces labor costs, mechanizes all work, and improves work efficiency.

First of all, there are twelve tool changes, which can process more complicated engraving. The 4 + 5 row drill package can punch nine holes with different diameters. The punching speed is fast.

The doors and cabinets of the machining center can be processed. Compared with other numerical control equipment, it can process tedious processes, and the processing speed is greatly improved.

In the customer groups we are currently in contact with, we do not require the processing of hundreds of plates per day, and they are generally not eliminated. Each of our customer groups does not require individualization, and most of them are personalized. Home improvement companies, decoration industries, etc., customer requirements will be met. Compared with other CNC equipment, its advantages are still great, and will not be eliminated in the short term.

If you want to save labor, it is best to add an automatic loading and unloading platform. If the customer considers the cost of equipment purchase, you can suggest that you add a loading platform and build a loading platform yourself. This saves labor and costs.

Our domestic equipment has more options to use domestic first-line HQD spindle drilling, his warranty is long, and in use, the spindle is damaged. We can re-issue spares without delaying production. The imported spindle is quite high in maintenance time and cost. The stability and efficiency of domestic spindles are also guaranteed. I still recommend the boss to choose domestic HQD, of course, if you still consider importing spindle drilling, sufficient investment funds can configure you for import.

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