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Three-lining Multi Woodworking Driller

Item No:: IGC-3D

CNC Three-lining Woodworking Driller is a high-end CNC equipment for drilling and grooving of plate furniture production. Suitable for all kinds of MDF, particleboard, plywood, PVC board, plexiglass, and solid wood plate drilling; Multi axis woodworking drilling machine can fine to help you build furniture, wood, etc., you can save your manpower and material resources, so that you put more down.

Category: Furniture Making Machine>>Cabinet Maker
Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month
Price Range: $5000-$6000

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Who is it for?

The professional three-lining multi woodworking driller independently developed by iGOLDENCNC, equipped with professional customized drills and upgraded air-floating tabletops, combined with a set of competitive configurations. Popular applications include:

>Panel furniture, whole-house custom furniture industry: cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture, computer tables, panel furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchenware and other panel furniture such as flat cutting, milling, chamfering, punching, carving and another auxiliary machining.

What makes it unique?

The iGC-3D series CNC drilling machine is very popular among all-house custom furniture manufacturers. It effectively improves the production efficiency of special-shaped furniture and is specially designed for custom furniture production lines.

>It has high machining accuracy, horizontal and vertical drilling seats can be operated at the same time or separately;
>Vertical drilling can be adjusted by 90 degrees;
>Using touch screen, plc industrial control system, powerful function, low failure rate;
>The drilling range of the drill row is large, and all the drill bits adopt quick couplings, which is convenient and quick;

Applications of Three-lining Woodworking Drilling Machine

Wood Milling Shaped

Furniture Drilling Hole

Acrylic Drilling Hole

Drilling Side Hole

Shaving Board Side Hole

Solid Wood Side Hole

Chipboard Side Hole

Waving Board Side Hole

Max drilling diameter max*35mm d*13mm
Max drilling depth 60mm
Max machining hole 1750*640mm/672mm
Min machining hole min*bmin*135mm*32mm
Total number of shafts 21*3*63/22*1 + 10*4
Drill joint drill with aperture 10mm
Air compression pressure 0.6-0.8/0.5-0.6mpa
Processing pitch 130-1700mm
Drilling speed 2840r/min

Features of Three-lining Woodworking Drilling Machine

Touch screen

It adopts PLC microcomputer control, touch screen operation, stable operation of the machine, low failure rate and stable operation.

Power motor

In terms of power, it is equipped with a power high-speed motor, which improves work efficiency while further improving the quality of punching.

Oil injector

Hit the oil injector every day before starting the machine to smooth the oil circuit inside and increase the service life of the machine.

Speed control

Highly equipped with speed-adjustable knife, which can adjust the drilling rate for plates of different hardness, which makes the equipment operation more stable and improves work efficiency.

Original row drill

Adopting Puden row drill, the drill bit has high precision, small amplitude, simple hole opening and long service life.

Air pressure adjustment button

The air pressure adjustment button is upgraded, which can directly adjust the air pressure, which has changed the situation of air pressure adjustment in the past.

Options of Three-lining Woodworking Drilling Machine

Five-sided Drilling Milling Machining Center is optioned

Pure six-sided, the number of plates is 700-800 pieces (perforation and slotting) for 8 hours a day;
Five-sided and six-sided mixed punching, the number of plates is 800-1000 pieces (perforating and slotting) for 8 hours a day;
Pure punching five-panel pieces, the number of pieces is 1000-1100 pieces (perforating and slotting) for 8 hours a day;
Pure punching five-panel pieces, the number of sheets is 1100-1200 pieces (pure punching) for 8 hours a day.


It can be selected when the processed plates are output from the rear, which improves work efficiency and saves labour costs.

Auto-feeding Device

Connect the existing cutting machine, edge banding machine and drilling machine into an automated furniture production line.
Enhance corporate image, save labor costs, improve work efficiency and output.

During the actual operation of the this driller, whether it is front or back, there is no need to perform secondary positioning. That is to say, it completely uses the automatic positioning mode, saving time and improving efficiency. In this case, in fact, the accuracy of the operation has been improved a lot, and the entire operation process does not need human intervention, and female workers can also learn to use it, saving high costs for manual masters.

It is usually realized by the CAM software supporting the drilling system. It is necessary to understand the functions of the CAM software.

Our factory has 10 years of R & D, production, and training technical experience. 60% is sold abroad, so the product positioning is also very high.
We use imported systems and first-line brand hardware to assemble. We have time to invite you to visit the site to learn more about the configuration system and its own detailed assembly structure.

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