ATC Nesting CNC Router Machine

How to choose a CNC nesting machine?

The panel furniture making machine is very popular in major furniture factories, because various equipment in the furniture production line play an important role in furniture production, especially the CNC nesting machine, as a new type of equipment, extensive applying in various industries, then everyone knows how to choose the production equipment in the board furniture production line?

The CNC nesting machine uses the supporting software to achieve online design, 3D rendering, one-click document split, optimized typesetting, automatic row, etc. The vacuum adsorption table can complete the punching, slotting, cutting three steps at a time, greatly improve processing efficiency. Install different shapes of pattern knives, make cabinets, wooden doors, realize the function of engraving machines, increase efficiency, accuracy, product quality to higher levels.

1.Spindle power: spindle power is the main factor affecting the effect of processing. If the processed product needs to cut the opening function, it is recommended to select a fast speed and a high-power spindle effect. Generally, 6kW high-power air-cooled spindles are used.

  1. Motor type: Basic stepper motor. If you have a friend who wants a better motor but doesn’t want to invest too much, you can choose a domestic servo motor. If the machine itself is fully functional, high configuration, it is recommended that the motor also uses a better import servo motor.
  2. Vacuumtable: Many friends have mentioned when buying the CNC nesting machine, using the adsorption table to process the whole plate is better, but sometimes it takes a small material to start the vacuumpump, so you have to use one. It can also clamp the countertops. You may think that both are used. This kind of cognition is wrong! Its adsorption effect is not as good as the entire adsorption table! The adsorption table is also partitioned, which can open the adsorption area for non-single plates, saving electricity.
  3. Frame: Why is the framework of the fuselage and the CNC nesting machine, belong to the woodworking industry? It is said that the servo motor is fast than the ordinary motor, and to ensure the stability of the body. Stability difference affects processing accuracy. If the bed frame is not thick enough, it is also a product and unqualified product with the best motor and other products.
  4. Machine cover: Many CNC nesting machinedo not have a machine cover, many friends say that others have a good machine cover. Of course, friends want to add. To be honest, there is no practicality in addition to the “atmosphere” of the appearance, in addition to the appearance of the outside.
  5. Control system: When consulting, many friends will feel that there are so many configurations or price differences. CNC nesting machinecan be used, and each configuration feature requires system control, so the system version will be different, Software like your mobile phone is not upgraded, not necessarily the same.
  6. Dealer: Buy a device, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. There are many prices, and it is reasonable. After all, a price is purchased. If there is a problem with the machine, after-sales technology is difficult to solve the problem, then it is more troublesome. Choose a formal plate furniture production line manufacturer! Equipment quality and after-sales service are guaranteed!

The rigorous reflection of IGOLDEN CNC nesting machine in our entire production process; in the assembly phase, each machine has 160 inspections per machine, aimed to simulate wear test in production and processing, and then conduct strict verification tests; There is an error of two mm per gamma. Equipment parts use Siemens and motor, new generation systems and motors, Anchuan servo, Italian HSD spindle, France Schneider electrical components, etc., more quality, stronger strength .

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