Wood CNC Router

The Reason Of 1325 Wood Router Have Error

Although the Atc CNC Router can not complete a full carving work independently, but compared to the previous hand-carved, has saved a lot of manpower.

Wood CNC Router1325 Wood Router size margin of error can be the following problem

1) wood CNC router pulse equivalent (motor parameters) to modify the parameters set incorrectly, pressed to prevent loosening of carving materials pressed to prevent loosening of carving materials

2) screw coupling with clearance seat adjustment

3) Wood CNC Router design file conversion problems

These features can be seen through the wood carving machine sculpture size error caused to the reason is very simple, mainly due to improper operation, for some parameter settings are not correct or not caused by carving the path to the design.

Wood CNC Router

Tool holding guide system :

A precision system to carry the CNC design commands. This Auto-Sliding guide system allows great design flexibility.

Control System :

A convenient, separate control panel box allows flexibility and efficiency in machine operating. Digital Signal processing is applied here as the controlling system.


  1. Do not install this equipment during lightning or thunderstorms, do not install electrical outlets in wet locations, and do not touch uninsulated power cords.
  2. Operators on the machine must undergo strict training and must pay attention to personal safety and machine safety during the operation, and operate the CNC machine in strict accordance with the operating procedures.
  3. The power supply voltage is required to be 210V-230V. If the power supply voltage is unstable or there are high-power electrical equipment around, please choose a regulated power supply under the guidance of professional technicians.
  4. The machine and the control cabinet must be grounded, and the data cable cannot be plugged in with electricity
  5. Operators should not work with gloves, preferably with protective goggles.
  6. The 1325 Wood Router body is a part of aviation aluminum castings of steel structure gantry, which is relatively soft. When installing the screws (especially when installing the drive motor), do not use too much force to prevent the wire from slipping.
  7. The knives must be installed and clamped to keep the tools sharp, dull knives will degrade the cutting quality and overload the motor.8. Do not put your fingers into the working range of the tool, and do not remove the spindle for other purposes. Do not process asbestos containing materials.
  8. Do not exceed the mechanical processing range, cut off the power supply when not working for a long time, and carry out the movement of the machine under the guidance of professionals.
  9. If the machine is abnormal, please refer to the chapter on troubleshooting in the operation manual or contact the dealer to solve it, so as to avoid man-made damage.

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