Six-side CNC Drilling Machine for Furniture Production

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Six-side CNC Drilling Machine for Furniture Making

The six-side cnc drilling machine is mainly used for punching and slotting of wardrobes and kitchen cabinets in panel furniture factories. Instead of the traditional ordinary row drilling, it has changed the traditional fixed processing mode of the workpiece, with simple operation, high degree of automation, high efficiency and high precision. Using automatic clamps to fix and move the plate, get rid of the dependence of workpiece fixation on adsorption, make the clamping more stable, realize the function of drilling and grooving of panel furniture, and have extremely high processing flexibility.

Six-side cnc drilling machine realizes one-time loading, no turning or U-turning; no secondary processing; complete through-hole drilling, one-time punching, slotting, and fillet processing; automatic detection of whether the workpiece matches the system processing data, Put an end to the error of the processed workpiece caused by the operator’s error.

In addition, it is an indispensable equipment for the production of customized furniture, especially for small and medium-sized customized furniture manufacturers who want to increase production. This equipment is definitely your best choice.

Please chose the suitable CNC Drilling Machine as your requirements.

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