Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

5-Axis CNC Router maching center with best price

Needing 5-axis capabilities? Start with our very popular G Series moving gantry CNC platform and add our reliable 2-axis articulating head. The 5-Axis G Series CNC router delivers you the additional cutting angles you need within a floor-space saving platform. It also offers the production flexibility to accommodate small or large parts on a single run coupled with the cost savings afforded by a moving-gantry style of machine. If you need 5-axis functionality for your facility, the economical G Series platform delivers. This particular CNC model performs exceptionally well when configured in a customized pod-and-rail configuration, allowing for machining to occur not only on the top of the material – but on the sides as well. The functionality of the 5-Axis G Series CNC router further increases with the use of a number of optional (or custom) work-holding devices and fixtures which are available for this model. Our team of engineers here is ready to work with your needs to tailor a 5-Axis G Series CNC machine specifically to the needs of your manufacturing operation.

Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router5 Axis cnc router features moving bridge(gantry) and fixed table, unrivaled weight welded steel frame, rigid and durable bridge,Europe made A,C Axis and Spindle motor, Yaskawa Servo and Shimpo reducers for X,Y and Z axis.

Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

Applicable industries and materials of five Axis CNC Router:

Composite industry: carbon fiber,fiberglass,plastic,rubber products,vacuum formed ABS,triming,drilling or slotting.

Mould industry: styrofoam mould, fiberglass mould,wood mould,foam mould,epoxy tooling board ,resin,plastocene mould,aluminum mould,copper mould manufacturing or prototyping

Porcelain bathroom industry: gypsum,ceramic,marble cutting or prototyping

Furniture industry: solid wood furniture,antique furniture manufacturing

Advantages of Unique CNC five Axis CNC Router maching center:

1.All our five axis cnc routers have extremely reasonable design, heavy-duty,rigid,durable machine frame.

2.All important parts are world-famous brands,very good quality.

3.Control systems has RTCP(rotate tool center point) function.Working speed,travelling speed and cutting speed can all be controlled separately,dramatically improve productivity and finish quality.

4.Z-axis height can be extended to cater for extra-large and extra-thick 3D processing.

5.Various worktables are available for different materials.

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