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Some maintenance problems of CNC cutting machine

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more industries and enterprises have used high-end products. There are many high-end products, but in the machinery industry, CNC cutting machines are widely used. , maybe many people are unfamiliar with this, but it is a very common tool in actual production applications. High technology has created these CNC lines. However, it does bring great convenience to our production in terms of industrial production, and also improves productivity. Once this high-tech thing is broken, it will lose a lot, because it needs to be produced. These high-tech things require a lot of manpower and materials. The most important thing is that it still takes a lot of time to produce these high-tech things. Therefore, when we usually use these tools, we should be extra careful, and we must avoid the threat to life caused by improper use and operation

When operating the CNC cutting machine, you should recruit those who have experience and understand the principle of the CNC cutting machine to operate, not only the principle, but also the maintenance and maintenance of the cutting machine, because if you do not understand these principles , it is likely to bring about major mistakes and cause very serious losses. When it comes to this maintenance, the CNC cutting machine should be used often. If it is not used often, some parts in it will rust and break. When using it, pay attention to the temperature of the machine. If the temperature is not well controlled , may damage the life of the machine. In addition, when the machine is not in use, it should be cleaned. We all know that any machine will generate some garbage when it is in use. If it is not cleaned in time, it may cause the machine to rot or even be scrapped.

CNC cutting machineThe entire machine of the CNC cutting machine is a whole. Although each part has different functions, these parts are all in good cooperation with each other. If the machine is not well maintained, the machine will be broken and new parts will be replaced. Go up, if the new parts are not in line with the rhythm, it will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to the production, which will not only affect the production efficiency, but also bring a lot of trouble to the machine operator. Proper maintenance of the machine is the only way to improve productivity. The most direct and necessary step. At all times, the machine should be well protected.

CNC cutting machine

Troubleshooting and maintenance of CNC cutting machine

Many people ask me how much is a CNC cutting machine for imported indigo engraving machine? However, the machine has been accidentally repaired and used. Let me introduce to you how to solve the machine failure.

The spindle of the CNC CNC cutting machine automatically rotates or cannot stop

Control card failure;

Inverter failure

When opening the CNC CNC cutting machine software, the computer prompts the prompt “Failed to open the card, clear the check card”

Check whether the driver of the board is installed, or replace the board with a PCI slot; 2. Reinstall the two data cables, and check whether there is any broken needle. The current CNC cutting machine software prompts: 3 Axis alarm, initialization error four

Check whether the two data lines of the computer and the CNC wood CNC engraving machine are connected well; 2. Check whether the fuse of the adapter board in the control box of the CNC CNC cutting machine is burned out, and replace the fuse; 3. Check the 85V power supply Whether the power supply is normally

Check whether the path of the CNC cutting machine software is correct or not; 2. Check the gap size of the lead screw and whether the fastening screws of the polished rod are loose; 3. Check that the software parameters are set correctly

When the X-axis travels for a certain section, the Z-axis does not lift the knife, but presses up to go down

Check whether the Z-axis motor of the CNC cutting machine is in normal operation, the power and the current of the driver or its own fault; 2. Check whether the Z-axis motor line has poor contact or interruption.

The spindle motor of CNC CNC cutting machine does not rotate or reverse

Check the parameter settings of the inverter; 2. Whether the signal line of the inverter is reversed.

Seven, the numerical control numerical control cutting machine has the phenomenon of smashing the knife

The poer of the Z-axis motor is not enough, and the coupling is loose; 2. The current of the Z-axis driver is too small, or the signal line is connected.

When the software is turned on, the axis is closed

The problem of the drive or the poor contact of the computer output signal line; 2. The motor line is in poor contact.

There is a limit spot in the process of the CNC cutting machine

Check whether the engraving path exceeds the engraving range; 2. Set the software limit one in the software

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