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Inventory of CNC engraving machine categories and applications

The engraving machine can be divided into laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine. The working principle of the CNC engraving machine is to convert the information into a signal with power that can drive the engraving machine motor through a computer controller (such as Weihong control card). , control the engraving machine host to generate the X, Y, Z three-axis engraving tool path, that is, the G code. At the same time, the tool equipped on the spindle motor of the engraving machine rotates at a high speed to cut the processing material fixed on the worktable, and can engrave various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and characters designed in the computer to complete the engraving process. CNC engraving machine, also known as CNC engraving machine, is widely used in many industries. Due to the difference in each industry, the model of the engraving machine and the internal configuration it uses are also very different, so many different types of engraving machines have been produced. Engraving machines, we make specific classifications according to their different industries:

3D 4 Axis Wood Carving MachineAdvertising engraving machine, as the name suggests, is an engraving machine used in the advertising industry, and the advertising industry also has large engraving machines and small engraving machines. Small engraving machines generally refer to 6090 or 1212 engraving machines. Or the processing of small-format materials such as signage, and the large engraving machine refers to the 1325 model engraving machine, which is the most common model on the market, mainly because the plates on the market are 1 meter 22 by 2 meters 44 size , and it is mainly used for PVC cutting, billboard production, light box, mini word and luminous word production. In terms of configuration, advertising engraving machines generally do not use high-end configuration, so the price fluctuation will not be too large, generally you can buy one for more than 10,000.

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Woodworking engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine is another big category under CNC engraving machine, which can be roughly divided into: wooden door engraving machine, furniture engraving machine, coffin engraving machine, handicraft engraving machine and wood engraving engraving machine, wooden door engraving machine mainly Used in wooden door, cabinet door, wardrobe door industry, the configuration is higher than ordinary woodworking engraving machine, because of the problem of loading and unloading, it is generally equipped with vacuum adsorption table, furniture engraving machine is mainly used in European-style furniture, modern furniture, antique furniture, and In the production of office furniture, in order to improve the processing efficiency, it is generally equipped with multiple spindle motors. The coffin engraving machine is mainly used for the production of coffins, longevity wood, and longevity materials. It is generally a 1825 model. It is equipped with multiple spindle motors. It is the competition of the gallery, so powerful manufacturers are often ahead of other manufacturers in the gallery. The handicraft engraving machine can be called a relief engraving machine. It is generally equipped with 4-10 heads, and multi-head processing reduces costs and improves production. Efficiency, finally the wood carving engraving machine is the standard 1325 model engraving machine. Its internal configuration can be selected according to the specific needs of users, and it is generally suitable for customers in the decoration industry.

CNC cutting machine, this model is a high-end and high-configuration machine in the engraving machine industry. The engraving machine is equipped with 3-4 different cutter heads, which can switch back and forth to engrave different patterns. It is often used for cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, Wooden door and soft package and hard package industries.

Cylinder engraving machine, this type of engraving machine is mainly used to process wood for 3D or three-dimensional carving, such as Guanyin, Buddha statues, Roman columns, gourds and so on.

Stone engraving machine is mainly used for processing ceramic tiles, bluestone, artificial stone, granite, sandstone and other kinds of stone to make tombstones, stone monuments, background walls, merit monuments, floor tiles, etc.

Metal engraving machine is mainly used for processing iron sheet, aluminum plate, copper plate and other metal plate materials. Although the name is metal engraving machine, it uses stone engraving machine.

Industrial engraving machine is mainly used in special industries, such as circuit boards, special material processing, etc. This engraving machine is a customized engraving machine, so generally speaking, there is no fixed model for reference.

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