stone engraving machine

Single head stone engraving machine

When using a stone engraving machine, pay attention to its operation, use and working environment, because it can ensure that the work is carried out in a more suitable state and avoid the failure of mechanical equipment. The environment in the workshop is still relatively humid, and the stone engraving machine is easy to rust when it is idle, which is not good for the production of machinery and equipment. So we should adopt some methods in our daily life and try our best to avoid them. Stone engraving machine is a kind of high-tech mechatronics equipment, which has certain requirements for the working environment.

stone engraving machineFeatures of stone engraving machine

Avoid equipment that seriously affects the signal transmission of the stone engraving machine, such as strong power and strong magnetic fields. Such as welding machines, launch towers, etc.

Use three-core power supply to ensure good grounding effect (grounding wire) of the engraving machine and reduce interference.

The voltage should be stable. If you can use an industrial power supply, try not to use a civil power supply to avoid large fluctuations. Better to use a voltage regulator.

stone engraving machine

.The machine shall not work in the environment of strong acid and alkali for a long time. The above points are about the working environment of using stone engraving machine, we need to pay attention to these environments. Because this will allow us to work in the environment while using the stone engraving machine.

Surfaces of steel parts, such as ball screws, hardened steel tracks of rolling guides, and steel fasteners, should be wiped with a cloth or cotton moistened with butter every few days. For other parts, you should always observe whether there is rust. If there is, use a cloth dipped in organic oil to wipe it, and use it as the focus of rust prevention in the future.

The surface of aluminum parts should also be wiped with a cloth dipped in butter every few days, or sprayed with a layer of varnish. And often observe whether there are corrosion spots.

The cooling water tank is best to add emulsified oil to prevent rust, do not use clean water.

Stone engraving machine

Single head stone engraving machine

The above is the protection of the stone engraving machine when it is idle, so as not to rust and affect the normal operation of the machine and equipment. Then, when the operator is operating, it is necessary to carry out maintenance, but also pay attention to rust prevention.

Then when choosing a stone engraving machine, you can consult the engraving machine manufacturer to understand all the knowledge of the stone engraving machine, which will be very helpful for everyone to use in the future. When you choose a stone engraving machine, you can look at Jiabang CNC, which has done a good job in this area and has rich production experience. On the product side, you can rest easy knowing that it’s also a multi-year manufacturer. Because the qualification of the manufacturer will guarantee the later stage, and its service industry is relatively complete. The company is also constantly introducing international advanced production technology and technology, developing and producing high-quality, cost-effective CNC equipment, and constantly creating maximum value for customers.

Single head stone engraving machine

The single-head stone engraving machine, as the basic model for the upgrade and improvement of the stone engraving machine, has the characteristics of strong versatility, favorable price and easy operation. Combined with the processing characteristics of the single-head stone engraving machine, this model is especially suitable for users who are not batch processing, have various processing types, pursue process matching, and liberate manual labor.

The high-power, high-torque 5.5KW water-cooled electric spindle is adopted, and the drive system is driven by Lexie.

The X, Y, and Z axes of the equipment all use Taiwan’s self-lubricating square scraping type linear guides, which have large load-bearing redundancy and long service life. For high-level CNC equipment, the square linear guides have longer service life and higher precision than round rails.

Imported four rows of steel balls, widened linear guides, self-lubricating blocks, equal force in all directions during engraving, ensuring mechanical precision and strength.

Intelligent processing out-of-bounds protection to prevent the mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width.

Diversified control can control the processing speed, idle speed and knife drop speed respectively, which greatly improves the quality and processing efficiency of processed products.

DSP system automatically completes multi-layer 3D processing. It can perform fast and smooth three-dimensional processing, especially suitable for cutting, milling, drilling, engraving, etc. Offline operation is possible.

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