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Woodworking engraving machine tool wear

After the woodworking engraving machine was used, some customers reported the problem of tool wear during the use of the tool. So how to reduce the tool wear of woodworking engraving machine and increase the service life of the tool? In addition to solving these problems, Superstar CNC also sorted out the precautions for purchasing woodworking engraving machine tools.

3 Axis 4x8 CNC RoutersTool wear of woodworking engraving machine

The main reasons that affect the tool wear of the woodworking engraving machine areas follows:

(1) Cutting amount: including parameters such as spindle speed, feed rate, path distance, and cutting depth.

(2) Tool type: select the appropriate tool for the processing depth, angle and material

(3)Cutting direction: the design of the engraving program must be related to the use of the cutting tool.

(4)Cutting method: According to the material, the appropriate cutting direction must be selected.

(5) Cutting fluid: The method of auxiliary engraving must be appropriate.

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Woodworking engraving machine tool wear judgment

(1) Determine the wear condition of the tool according to the movement state of the engraving machine during processing, such as the processing parameters, cutting amount and other settings are reasonable, the engraving machine vibrates very much during processing, and makes noises, and you can be sure that the tool has arrived at this time. The tool must be changed immediately if the operating condition is abruptly worn.

(2) Whether the woodworking engraving machine tool is worn or not, and the size of the wear, the most important and most direct way to judge is to”listen” to the sound. If the cutting sound is very “heavy” or makes a “screaming and piercing” sound, it indicates the processing state of the tool If it is abnormal, you can stop processing at this time and check the condition of the tool. If the quality problem of the tool itself, the tool clamping problem, and the tool parameter problem are removed, it can be proved that the tool must be worn, so the processing must be suspended and the tool must be changed.

Extend the service life of woodworking engraving machine tools

Tool wear and knife breakage are inevitable in the work of woodworking engraving machine, how to extend the service life of the tool! Superstar CNC summarized the following points:

(1)Choose the right tool: Use the corresponding tool for engraving high-hardness materials, otherwise the tool will break easily.

(2)Tool maintenance: After processing, the tool must be properly kept to prepare for the next use of the tool. When work is off, be sure to separate the knives and materials.

(3)During the engraving process, the cutting tool that is broken in the material should be taken out in time, because when we engrave again, the engraving knife will not break again when it hits the short knife.

(4) Engraving speed: When engraving high-hardness materials, do not go too fast.

The selection of woodworking engraving machine tools

(1)Choose according to the complexity of the tool, the cost of manufacturing and sharpening: the life of the complex and high-precision tool should be higher than that of the single-edged tool. For multi-knife engraving machines, combined engraving machines, and automated processing tools that are more complicated to install, change, and adjust tools, the tool life should be higher, and the reliability of the tools should be ensured in particular.

(2) When the productivity of a certain process in the workshop obviously limits the productivity of the entire workshop, the tool life of the process should be selected lower; when the cost of the whole plant shared by a certain process per unit time is large, the tool The life span should also be selected lower.

(3) During the finishing of large parts, in order to ensure that at least one pass is completed and to avoid changing the tool in the middle of cutting, the tool life should be determined according to the accuracy of the part and the surface roughness.

IGOLDEN CNC sorted out how to reduce the wear of woodworking engraving machine tools, increase the service life of the tool, and the precautions for purchasing woodworking engraving machine tools. If you have any questions about the machine, please contact us in time, we will give you the most professional answer.

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