Laser Cutting Machine

The Complete Guide for Industrial Laser Cutting Machine

The laser cutting machine revolutionized the manufacturing industry. They can perfectly recreate the designs made on the computer in minutes or even seconds. Laser cutting technology uses lasers to cut materials. This technology is deeply loved by enthusiasts and is also widely used in industrial applications. Let’s take a look at what an industrial laser cutting machine is, the different types of lasers that exist, and the results they can achieve.

Laser Cutting Machine

What is an industrial laser cutting machine?

A laser cutting machine is a kind of CNC machine tool. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. The name comes from the fact that CNC machines take commands from drawings that have been digitized and converted into computer language describing every angle and curve of the design.


After completing the drawing in the computer rendering program, all the designer has to do is send the design to the machine. This is much like sending an image file to a typical printer.


Most importantly, the laser cutting machine can recreate these designs in a few minutes and can produce as many parts as you need.

Laser Cutting Machine


How does the industrial laser cutting machine work?

There are several different types of lasers used in CNC machine tools, which will be introduced in the next section. But all laser cutting machines work in a similar way.


It all starts with a laser source, which produces a powerful, consistent light that can be adjusted quickly and accurately.


Then the light is focused and redirected until it reaches a good point. If you have ever used sunlight and a magnifying glass to make a fire, you will be familiar with how it works. When the light is concentrated enough, it becomes very hot and can penetrate the material of your choice.

Laser Cutting Machine

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The laser is usually installed on a gantry system. This allows the laser to move anywhere on the XY axis. This means that even if a lot of curves and angles are involved, it can reproduce the design very accurately.


In other words, not all lasers can produce the same level of detail. Some lasers are not strong enough to cut metal.


Types of industrial laser cutting machines

According to the laser source and processing material, there are generally two types of industrial laser cutting machines. One is a fiber laser cutting machine, and the other is a CO2 laser cutting machine. A fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut metal materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. The CO2 laser cutting machine mainly cuts and engraves almost all non-metallic materials, such as wood, acrylic, fabric, paper, and leather.

Laser Cutting Machine

What is a fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine is currently a popular type of laser cutting, using a fiber laser source to achieve perfect cutting results. Fiber laser is a solid-state laser, which is developing rapidly in the metal cutting industry.


How does a fiber laser cutting machine work?

The optical fiber receives the light source from the resonant cavity of the laser cutting machine and transmits it to the cutting head controlled by the numerical control system. In the cutting head, the laser is emitted from the end of the fiber optic cable and refocused through a series of focusing lenses to a nearly perfect spot on the surface of the material. With cutting gases such as NO2 and O2 around the laser, the material to be processed vaporizes quickly in the strong heart and is blown away as dust particles.


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Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine model

In actual laser cutting applications, users often have different specific processing requirements. Some beginners may want to buy an economical industrial laser cutting machine. And some users may require a higher level of automation or may require additional protection devices.


Economical metal fiber laser cutting machine

This economical fiber laser cutting machine has high-cost performance, low consumption and low cost, simple maintenance, and convenient operation. And this industrial laser cutting machine can cut and process various metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized sheets. It is an industrial-grade laser cutting machine that can perfectly complete basic metal cutting requirements.


Exchange platform laser metal cutting machine

As the name suggests, this exchange platform laser metal cutting machine has two working tables. The two processing workbenches can realize loading and unloading functions at the same time. They not only save the time of manual loading and unloading but also improve the production efficiency, which is very convenient.


Protective fiber laser cutting machine

This protective laser metal cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed laser protective cover. It combines security and visibility features. This steel laser cutting machine not only guarantees the safety of operators but also is more environmentally friendly. The professional CNC cutting system ensures the high-speed and stable operation of the machine.


Application of the fiber laser cutting machine

A laser metal cutting machine is suitable for sheet metal processing, electrical appliances, subway accessories, automobile machinery, etc. And in advertising, construction machinery and kitchenware processing, tool processing, home appliance processing, and other industries have many users.

Laser Cutting Machine

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How to choose the right industrial laser machine?

Before investing in a laser machine, you should consider the following aspects:


What materials do you want to process?

The material you want to engrave or cut defines the type of laser you need. If you want to process organic materials such as wood, glass, paper, or leather, you will need a CO 2 laser. To mark on metal or plastic, you will need a fiber laser.


Size of the working area: How large are your workpieces?

The size of the workpiece to be engraved or cut determines the size of the laser machine. In addition, the number of workpieces per order also plays an important role. If your order contains multiple items, you can process them in one process. Therefore, you can save time and increase productivity.


How do you want to use your laser, and how much laser power do you need for this?

When choosing the laser power of a laser machine, the most important criterion is the application you want to use with the laser most often.


Choose the right supplier

An important criterion for the success of your business is the reliability of the laser system because only fully functional equipment can guarantee the reliability of your delivery. FORSUN CNC is a professional manufacturer and supplier of industrial laser machines. We have industrial laser machines with various powers. If you have any questions about laser machines, you can contact us, and we will choose the most suitable machine for you.



This blog delves into industrial laser cutting machines. We hope you find this information useful and will make an informed decision on whether laser cutting is your best choice. If you need any help to decide, please feel free to contact us.

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