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What Factors Do You Need To Choose A Stone Machine CNC Engraving Router That Suits You

Are you looking for a CNC router for stone? Review the guide as follows, you will learn on how to choose the right stone machine cnc engraving router.


Stone Machine Cnc Engraving Router

To comply with the development of the industry: scale and diversification are the development direction of the engraving industry.


1. Large-scale cnc router machine must have the following functions: convenient operating system; only easy-to-operate cnc router machine can meet the needs of large-scale production, so that it is possible for one person to operate several cnc router machines; only one person can operate several cnc router machines The machine can reflect the advantages of scale; the convenient operating system currently mainly has the following manifestations: automatic tool setting, automatic tool change, real-time monitoring, breakpoint memory, etc.

2. Super stability and superior cooling performance: Without super stability and superior cooling performance, the working time of equipment cannot be guaranteed, nor can it reflect the advantages of large-scale production; super stability is mainly determined by the components The performance of the selection and electrical parts, whether the cnc router machine manufacturer adopts imported components and whether it has independent research and development capabilities has become the key.

3. Sustainable upgrade: the convenient update of stone machine cnc engraving router is another requirement of large-scale production; the engraving opportunities that cannot be upgraded continuously allow you to continuously invest in large-scale investment; the key to whether the cnc router machine manufacturer can continue to upgrade is whether Have more comprehensive research and development capabilities.

4. Diversification requires the cnc router machine to have the following functions: sustainable upgrade; the cnc router machine needs to be continuously upgraded according to the needs of customer development, whether the cnc router machine manufacturer has a comprehensive research and development ability becomes the key; whether the cnc router machine manufacturer has a professional series of research and development The cnc router machine has also become the key.

5. To meet its own processing characteristics, it must be in line with the company’s development status; each engraving company must choose different sizes and specifications of cnc router machines according to the company’s strength and the company’s processing characteristics; for example, large-format engraving companies must choose 1.2H Companies with low capital strength must choose relatively cost-effective machines.

6. To meet the needs of company customers, the needs of company customers mainly include the following aspects: the quality of engraving; the quality of engraving depends on the accuracy of engraving, the function of design software and excellent post-processing technology; the accuracy of engraving should be guaranteed. The machine must use imported motors, ball screws, and guide rails; to be able to apply excellent design software, it must have a strong soft

7. Compatibility; To have an excellent post-processing technology, it is necessary for the manufacturer or distributor to provide training in post-processing technology.

Guarantee of delivery time: The guarantee of delivery time depends on the speed of the cnc router machine and the quality of after-sales service of the cnc router machine; the speed of the cnc router machine mainly depends on whether the cnc router machine has the following functions: separation of engraving speed and idling speed, arc command And subdivision, automatic material saving typesetting, tool selection plan.

8. The service quality of the cnc router machine depends on the following aspects: whether the product supplier has a complete after-sales service system, whether it has a good supply of after-sales accessories, whether it has high-quality technical engineers, whether it has an excellent after-sales service concept; whether the manufacturer has With strong strength, can it continue to develop in the aspects of research and development, production, sales and service of engraving equipment.


Stone Machine Cnc Engraving Router


This stone machine cnc engraving router Which is also as a Granite Cutting tool can be used to cut granite, marble, and other stones
stone machine cnc engraving router is also named CNC Quartz machining center machine, it’s a professional machine for processing counter top products on quartz, marble, granite and other stone materials. CNC Stone Router Machine integrates cutting, hole digging, drilling, edge grinding, polishing and other functions for quartz processing, suitable for processing high-end stone products, such as Counter top, sink, bathroom table, stone background wall, etc. CNC Stone Router machine is a high automation machine for processing all steps of counter tops from A to Z.

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