Portable Printer 3D scanner machine

Portable Printer 3D scanner machine-IGOLDENCNC

What is the Portable Printer 3D scanner machine?

Portable Printer 3D scanner machine, a special scanner for foam carving machine collocation foam engraving machine, fast modeling.

Portable Printer 3D scanner machine


  1. Dark and black objects can be scanned directly to get rid of the dependence on contrast enhancers;
  2. Two scanning modes, which can scan with or without a dot, saving a lot of time.
  3. High precision and fast speed.

What can used for?

Portable 3D Scanner, It can be used in relief, portrait, craft, art and many other fields. It is specially use for protecting cultural relics. Compared to traditional technology, 3D scanner has the advantages of saving data to enrich the database, low labor costs. Most important, the shining 3d scanner will not hurt the relics.

What is the Foam Carving Machine?

The Foam Carving Machine need collocation foam engraving machine, fast modeling.

Using modern technology, Hot wire CNC foam cutters allow creating practically any product of the most complicated shape in a fast, accurate and relatively inexpensive way. Hot wire CNC foam cutting machines is used to create display letters, logos (3D Logos), raphics, signboards, labels for indoor and outdoor ads, decor elements, fair stalls, store props & displays, P.O.P. displays, decorations for the theater or cinema, mock-up products, all kinds of packaging, amusement, architectural shapes, large-scale architecture models, thematic props, pipe insulation, preCast concrete molds, columns.


HANDY TYPE TO CAPTURE SMALL TO BIG: The Sense 3D is the most versatile scanner in this class. Scanning small to large, people and scenery. The Sense 3D can accurately scan various things, and automatically adjusts to optimize the ability to scan objects large and small such as books, motorcycles, heads, and full-body objects.

Auto-focus subjects: Equipped with an auto-focus function, it can only scan what you want to scan, even in crowded backgrounds.

Excellent Portability: Easy to scan as many times as you like, anywhere you want to use your computer.

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