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The carving machine Maintenance in winter

Carving machine Maintenance in winter,carving machines using water cooling spindle: Because the temperature drops in winter, carving machines using water cooling spindle must pay attention to the indoor temperature to prevent the water tank in the water cycle from freezing, causing the water cycle to be interrupted. Superstar CNC engraving machine recommends that the temperature is too low in winter If the temperature of the workshop where the carving machine is stored is below zero, it is best to use antifreeze.

Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving MachineIn winter, the maintenance requirements for the carving machine are very high, mainly due to the problem of the cooling water of the spindle. The specific temperature requirements: 1. Ensure that the temperature in the workshop is not less than 0 Degrees Celsius to ensure the working environment; 2. When using the coolant, ensure that the minimum temperature is above. , To avoid freezing at too low a temperature, and poor circulation leading to untimely cooling of the cutter head; 3. When the machine is not in use, if the room temperature is low, it is best to pour the water in the water tank, drain the water in the spindle and the water pipe, to prevent the spindle from freezing and cracking With water pipe

Spindle problem: The temperature in winter is basically below zero, so whether it is a woodworking carving machine or a stone carving machine, as long as the water cooling circulator is used, there are several issues to pay attention to in winter. Many customers often forget to add water, especially in autumn and winter. Because the outside temperature is low, it is difficult to feel the spindle motor heating. Superstar CNC engraving machine reminds customers: 1. The cooling water is necessary for the normal operation of the spindle motor, and the cooling water is too dirty. Will cause serious damage to the motor, ensure the cleanliness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. 2. Pay attention to the water level, and never cause water shortage in the water cooling spindle motor, so that the motor cannot be discharged in time. 3. Pay attention to the ambient temperature, and beware of freezing and cracking of the sink and water pipes due to low water temperature. 4. If possible, the circulating water of the carving machine spindle can be replaced with antifreeze cooling.

2 Heads 3D Wood Carving CNC Wood Routers

Also pay attention to maintenance in daily life, carefully check the various tasks before work, in order to facilitate the normal operation of the carving machine. Such as water cooling spindle motor, usually use pure water; or boil it and cool it for use, which can reduce scale and avoid blockage in the spindle and cause poor circulation.

The unique water cooling system of the stone engraving machine, while optimizing the performance of stone engraving, is doomed to its own limitations. Generally, the temperature suitable for engraving is between 0-45 degrees. Below 0 degrees Celsius, the tap water used for cooling will freeze, which will inevitably affect the use of the carving machine. In addition, the relative humidity used in stone carving is in the range of 30%-75%, and an over-dry or over-humid environment is not conducive to the best performance of the carving machine control and power system. The relatively dry environment in winter is also not conducive to the normal use of the carving machine.

Therefore, in winter, you should pay attention to the warmth of the carving machine. The remaining water in the water pipe should be cleaned up in time on the day to avoid affecting the water circulation after the next day’s freezing; the water pump should be taken out of the water tank or bucket in time to avoid freezing in it; in winter, The machine cannot be placed outdoors, it is best to move the machine to the factory building.

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