PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

The Edge Banding Machine Export to Kenya

The Edge Banding Machine is a machine designed and manufactured by IGOLDEN Company according to market demand. The Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine is a unique machine design, specially designed for the linear edge banding of woodworking furniture such as solid wood board, fiberboard and particle board. It has high precision and fast speed. The trimming device is used to repair the excess edge banding material on the upper and lower parts of the processed sheet edge band.

PVC Automatic Edge Banding MachineThis Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine adopts imported motors and high-quality electrical components, simple operation and high-efficiency professional technology. It adopts automatic and precise gluing procedure and one-piece double-sided completion, uniform gluing and stable conveying. The Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine is used for edge banding of desks, cabinets, wardrobes and linear furniture. The Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine can be PVC, melamine, wood products, etc., with powerful functions such as edge feeding, lamination, cutting, and front. -Back trim. The Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine is used to cover the exposed surface of materials such as plywood, particleboard or medium density fiberboard to make the material look stronger (or more valuable). It can also be used to replace features such as face frame or molding.

Edge Banding Machine

Our customer is from Kenya and he wants to buy our Edge Banding Machine for woodworking industry manufacturing. He has cooperated with China for many years and is a professional CNC router distributor. His friend is in the timber industry, and he also knows that Kenyan customers want to use Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine instead of manual work. At first, he had more questions about the machine’s warranty period. When he told him that we have a warranty and after-sales service, he proposed to visit our factory. After he visited our CNC router factory, we met at the CNC router factory. He is very interested in the function of this Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine. Our engineer showed him how to use the Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine. He believes that Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine will be a hot spot in the Kenyan market and plans to purchase two Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine. We immediately signed a contract at the factory. Next month, we will arrange for his engineering designer to learn how to use the Corner Rounding Edge Banding Machine.

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