Laser Cutting Machine

High Precision Large Format Metal Laser Cutting Machine

This type of CNC cutting machine has a desktop gantry structure, which makes the operation efficient and stable, and uses a continuous water spray device during the cutting process; optional domestic laser generators or imported laser generators, especially for the advertising industry. Fast cutting of medium carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate and other workpieces, with good effect, no slag and burr; directly connected to a desktop computer with common configuration, and used Wentai software or AutoCAD drawing software to draw graphics directly, without It needs to be converted, cut directly, and can perform simple nesting and common side setting of workpieces.

Laser Cutting MachineLaser Cutting MachineFiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Product overview: Shandong Jiabang Laser High-precision laser cutting machine is born to meet the “high requirements” of customer cutting factories, and has both “high precision” and “high speed” dual superb skills.

Highly flexible cutting: High-strength and lightweight aluminum alloy beams improve the cutting flexibility of the equipment and ensure higher cutting speed and accuracy.

High-efficiency processing: ultra-high processing efficiency, positioning speed of 100m/min, acceleration of up to 1.2G, which can significantly improve workshop cutting efficiency.

High-precision machining: realize high-precision machining, finely cut complex precision parts, and reduce cutting errors and subsequent processes.

Laser Cutting Machine

High stability: The equipment adopts hollow structure design, and the precision is more durable and stable. It can carry 10,000-watt lasers, and the cutting efficiency of the equipment is greatly improved compared with traditional lasers.

High security: multiple security protections and working modes to escort the safety of human and machine.

High environmental protection: The equipment is equipped with a mobile suction duct design, with strong suction, which can effectively reduce the cutting smoke and dust in the workshop and improve the environmental quality of the workshop.

Optional double head function: The equipment can be equipped with double cutting heads to achieve double cutting and comprehensively improve workshop productivity.

Laser Cutting Machine

Special functions for laser cutting

  • Laser marking function: on the cut sheet, it can be marked first and then cut
  • Missed cut and return mode: allows the operator to return immediately when a missed cut is found
  • Energy response function: adjust laser energy at high speed to ensure corner cutting quality
  • Tracking response function: fast and automatic control of the distance between the nozzle and the plate
  • Slotting compensation function: to ensure the dimensional accuracy of parts cutting
  • Common edge cutting function: improve material utilization and efficiency
  • Process database: friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate
  • Leapfrogging function: reduce the lifting time of the cutting head and improve the cutting efficiency
  • On-the-fly cutting: reduce perforation time and improve thin plate cutting efficiency
  • Automatic edge finding: automatically detect the plate boundary and determine the workpiece processing coordinate systemLaser Cutting Machine

Application industry

Used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway accessories, automobiles, food machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, sheet metal processing, kitchen utensils, craft gifts, Tool processing, decoration, advertising, metal external processing and other manufacturing and processing industries.

Laser cutter

Model 3015 CNC fiber laser cutting machine adopts integral gantry structure machine tool, bilateral drive, high-strength aluminum alloy beam, German CNC, drive, motor, precision linear guide and helical gear transmission system. The overall rigidity of the equipment is good and the performance is stable, which is a concentrated expression of high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance.

Single axis positioning speed 80m/min

Dual AC Servo Motor Synchronous Drive System

Professional laser cutting CNC system with special functions for laser cutting

High-precision reducer imported from Germany, using high-precision grinding helical gear racks

Simple and stylish appearance, centralized lubrication system and fume extraction device

Synchronous high-speed exchange table

It adopts integrated structure design and occupies a smaller area than similar models.

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