Choose a used CNC router or a new CNC router?

Are you ready to buy a CNC router machine to support your CNC machining work or woodworking hobby? If so, would you choose a used CNC router or a brand new CNC router In most cases, it is difficult to decide. Both options have their advantages, but it is best to conduct a thorough analysis before making the final decision. Generally speaking, the used CNC router used is cheap, but its post-processing performance, remaining life and maintenance cost are still uncertain. The new CNC machine is more reliable, more powerful, has a longer service life, and the price may exceed your limited budget. In this article, I have listed some key factors to consider when buying a machine. These factors can help you make the most informed decision and obtain the ideal CNC machine.


Used CNC router: Does the manufacturer of the machine matter? of course! The manufacturer represents the quality of the machine, even for second-hand machines. You should ask the seller which company is the manufacturer of the machine. There are many brands in the commercial CNC machine market. Some machines are manufactured by qualified suppliers, and some are not. Therefore, you need to check the machine manufacturer and make an informed judgment. Only second hand CNC routers produced by qualified manufacturers are worth buying. To check if the manufacturer is trustworthy, you can browse its official website and check if they have the necessary certificates (such as CE, BV, TUV, SGS, etc.). In addition, you can search on Google for information about machines that people produce from this provider.

used CNC router     used CNC router

New CNC router: By purchasing CNC cutting machine from qualified manufacturers, you can communicate directly with sales staff and engineers. You can go to the factory to check the machine performance and manufacturer’s size. There are many famous manufacturers. In addition, professional sales staff can help you understand the parameters and functions of the machine when you buy the machine. In this sense, buying new machines can save you time and energy compared to buying used CNC router.


Used CNC router: The price is one of the main factors that people should pay attention to when buying machines. The cost of a second-hand CNC router is about $1,000 to $50,000, is affected by its original price, configuration, kit, processing time, etc. If you only care about the price of CNC routers and buy cheap machines, sooner or later there will be many potential problems. Cheap machines that may crash will eventually become rubbish.

New CNC router: As we all know, the price of a new machine is higher than a second-hand router with the same configuration. This is because old machine parts and shorter service life will cause depreciation. However, in terms of operation and maintenance costs, the new CNC cutting machine are inexpensive. If you have a sufficient budget and want to profit from the processing business as soon as possible, then buying a new machine is a better choice.

Service life

Used CNC router: For used machine, the service life depends on the manufacturing date, processing time and part quality. Although older machines can save you a lot of money, they have a shorter lifespan and are therefore not worth buying. The machines you really need must have a long service life to support your business. Therefore, it is necessary to check the service life of the wood router used. This will help you evaluate the machine more comprehensively.

New CNC router: The new machine should have a longer service life than the old one. New CNC machine are usually customized and manufactured according to user needs. The guide rails, shafts, ball screws and other parts are free from wear. The new CNC wood machine can be used for a long time with good performance.

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