Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Price

The laser metal sheet cutting machine relies on the high temperature generated by the laser to melt the surface of the irradiated sheet metal parts, and control the displacement through numerical control to achieve the purpose of cutting. And the metal fiber laser cutter machine has high processing quality, is not easy to deform, and has a high degree of flexibility. The slit is small, the section is smooth without burrs, and it can cut any complex graphic workpiece. If you are interested in fiber laser cutting machine price, please leave your contact information.

Fiber laser cutting machines are no longer unfamiliar, because they are used and seen in many industries. With the development of laser technology and the gradual increase in industry demand, fiber laser cutting machines are also used by many companies as the preferred equipment for metal material processing. We all know that fiber laser cutting machines are used for cutting metal materials. When choosing a laser laser cutting machine, we also need to consider the issue of cutting materials. According to the thickness of stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials, when choosing a fiber laser cutting machine There is also a difference when it comes to cutting. Usually, the thin plate below 3mm can be considered a laser hybrid cutting machine, which can be cut and the speed is not particularly slow. For thicker plates, it is recommended to choose a fiber laser cutting machine. From the cutting cost to the process effect, Such a choice is scientifically reasonable.

Speaking of the price of a laser cutting machine, it must first be related to its basic manufacturer and production process. There are still many manufacturers of laser cutting machines on the market now, and their prices vary with the process and product quality provided by different manufacturers. The laser cutting machines they can provide are relatively technical and quality. All are more secure, so the price will be higher than the average manufacturer.

Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting MachineThe other is that in addition to the manufacturer’s brand, there is also the laser brand that affects the configuration of the equipment. At present, the difference between domestic and imported prices is still relatively large. In terms of imported IPG, it was the first to enter China, and it has a relatively large domestic market share and stable performance, so the price is hundreds of thousands higher than that of domestic copper power lasers.


Many people will ask, how much does it cost to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, and sometimes the same product, why is it expensive at this time and cheap at the time. In fact, this is because the price of the device is not fixed, it varies according to some factors in the market. E.g:

Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

First, look at the brand

The price of different brands of fiber laser cutting machines will also be different, because the quality and equipment performance of big brands are relatively stable, coupled with technical after-sales service, the probability of problems will be greatly reduced, so when choosing and purchasing cutting machines, You can learn more about a few of the better brands.

Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

  1. The style of the equipment

Fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers usually have several specifications of standard sizes, which can meet the special needs of customers, and can also customize non-standard machine tools according to customer sizes. Standard sizes are the specifications that manufacturers have always produced, non-standard sizes require customization, so custom sizes are more expensive than standard sizes.


  1. Power supply

The higher the power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the higher the price of the same brand manufacturer. So, before you ask, be sure to know the material to be cut, the thickness, and the need for cutting speed and productivity.


In terms of various sheet metal components, usually a 500w fiber laser cutting machine can be used for thin plates below 5mm, and the cutting speed of 2mm carbon steel can reach 5-6 meters per minute, which is equivalent to a 2000w carbon dioxide laser cutting machine. And when we choose laser equipment, we should follow the mature and stable equipment on the market, so the price deviation is small.


In terms of production cost, the price of fiber laser cutting machine is not too cheap. The main components of fiber laser cutting machine are all factors that affect the price. We do not recommend buyers to choose equipment with poor brands. The quality of accessories directly affects the equipment. The work cost and work efficiency are not high, and some components can affect the whole body. It is not worth the loss to choose a fiber laser cutting machine with poor configuration in order to be cheap.


Therefore, if we want to buy a good and cheap fiber laser cutting machine, then we should pay more attention to the above factors. However, we should realize that the price of a product does not represent everything about the product. When choosing and buying products, do not blindly focus on price, but also consider all aspects of other parties, so that we can choose a device with good quality and cheap price.


We greatly appreciate those companies that always adhere to their own positioning. Whether it is brand positioning, quality positioning or price positioning, they are the backbone of the industry, the future of the industry and the hope of the industry, and they are the companies worthy of respect.


A truly respectable fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer is not an enterprise with rapid development and expansion, nor a large-scale enterprise, but an enterprise that consistently insists on creating business value and social value, and has its own bottom line from beginning to end. Its existence is a blessing for the industry, a blessing for the society, and a blessing for itself!


Therefore, adhering to your own product value, adhering to your own business value, and adhering to your own existence value is an important business bottom line and business bottom line.

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