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In recent years, the convenience of vacuum laminators has led to the vigorous application of the equipment. It can stick various films on furniture. It is a very commonly used equipment in woodworking production. Although the method of use is relatively simple, it is still necessary to pay attention to the correct use, so as to avoid mistakes in the filming process, thereby reducing the precision of the filming and avoiding wasting the raw materials of the filming. If you need a professional vacuum laminating machine, you can choose Jiabang CNC. The company specializes in the production and sales of laminating machine equipment, and can also provide various high-quality accessories. The quality of each product can be guaranteed, and the service quality is the same It is worth affirming that the sales volume is increasing every year, and it is a good manufacturer trusted by customers.

Vacuum Membrane Press MachineVacuum Laminator

When working with a vacuum laminating machine, it is necessary to ensure that the workshop is a dust-free environment to avoid the existence of flying debris, resulting in poor lamination effect. The lamination equipment should be cleaned regularly to ensure that all parts of the lamination equipment are clean and dust-free, and dust will affect the finished product effect of lamination.

Before each start-up, the laminating machine must be routinely inspected to check whether the surface of each part is smooth and clean, and whether the machine is faulty or abnormal. Issues that affect job running.

Automatic vacuum laminating machine

If the laminating equipment is used for too long, it must be maintained in time. Because the lamination equipment is used more frequently, the wear of mechanical parts will be more serious. Regular maintenance can improve the performance of your laminating equipment. It can reduce the number of failures and save the company the cost of repairing and replacing equipment.

Application of woodworking laminating machine: After programming various films such as PET protective film, PE protective film, and OPP protective film through PLC, the mechanical equipment will actively stick the film on the material. Including tablet screen, front and rear cover film, mobile phone screen, cover film and other product protection, screen protection, process protection, etc.

Automatic Vacuum Membrane Press Machine Features:

  1. In addition to stretching the film to be outside the artificial, all automated operation, that is, a key forming.
  2. The power of the machine using the international advanced stepper motor, the control part of the use of high-tech PLC digital intelligent system, Panel with a 7-inch high-definition, high-sensitivity touch screen, more intuitive, more convenient, high-end.
  3. Transmission part of the high-precision gears and racks combine to bid farewell to the ancient rope pulling exercise, the platform to run more stable, more accurate, never crash collision;
  4. Vacuum adsorption pump uses a direct-type, greatly enhance the speed of air pressure, running noise, and other advantages.

My country’s laminating machine industry has gone through three stages, from the beginning of foreign brand guidance to the coexistence of domestic and foreign advanced brands. At this time, China took the initiative to fight back, and now it has become the leader of domestic brands, and foreign brands have gradually withdrawn. The whole process of laminating machine. iGolden CNC woodworking laminator editor will analyze the important role of woodworking laminator for you.

  1. Woodworking laminating machine is a modern mechanical product, which fundamentally changes the situation of low efficiency of manual lamination and low marking quality. Attaching to the machine can not only reduce the packaging output, but also greatly reduce the input cost and improve the production vitality of the manufacturer.
  2. The membrane has the advantages of cleanliness and hygiene, vertical membrane mode, beautiful and stable membrane back, and does not fall off by itself. The equipment is very simple. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, one or two woodworking laminators can meet the output requirements. Shooting must have good handling and convenience compared to shooting with multiple workers.
  3. The labeling mechanical system meets the labeling needs of various industries such as alcohol, daily chemicals, food, chemical industry, medicine, beverage, electronics, hardware, cosmetics, sheet metal, etc. The types and functions of labels are also diverse. Logo, anti-counterfeiting logo, logo, bar code, bar code.

The equipment can be divided into two categories: instant coating vacuum laminating machine and pre-coating vacuum laminating machine. The ready-to-coat vacuum laminating machine includes three parts: gluing, drying and hot pressing. Wide application range, stable and reliable processi

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