woodworking engraving machine

Which is the best automatic CNC cutting machine?

With the widespread use of automatic CNC cutting machines, manufacturers of automatic numerical control cutting machines not only have to have the excellent quality of their own automatic numerical control cutting machines, but also ensure their own after-sales service. As we all know, for machinery and equipment, its after-sales service is very important.

woodworking engraving machineWhat are the qualified after-sales services?

The equipment is of good quality, stable in performance and high in quality of spare parts. Reduce equipment failure rate. The company’s bed is produced by itself, and the processing is done by itself. Strictly guarantee the quality and stability of the equipment. Greatly reduce equipment failure rate.

Feeder problems, whether the machine is repaired in time, when there is a problem with the feeding machine, the customer contacts the manufacturer, whether the manufacturer can send the corresponding person to solve the problem at the first time, so that the customer no longer has to worry about this matter, when the customer’s equipment is in When working, the schedule is relatively rushed, whether the automatic CNC cutting machine manufacturer can consider for the customer, repair the machine in time to solve the problem, and reduce the loss of the customer.

You have to believe that price and value are directly proportional, and value cannot be greater than price. Don’t be greedy for petty cheap when purchasing, choose a small factory machine to sign a formal contract.

woodworking engraving machine

Which is the best automatic CNC cutting machine

Jiabang CNC is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of automatic woodworking equipment and CNC equipment, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. The quality of survival, to the credibility of development. In line with the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win, it has a good reputation in the industry. Our customers all over the world provide timely after-sales maintenance services, and the company’s service department is equipped with more than 30 after-sales engineers on call. Including the remote service center team, exported to more than 80 countries such as Europe and the United States, serving more than 5,300 production enterprises, 24-hour service is the foundation of our business, because Jiabang CNC understands you.

woodworking engraving machine

Recommended equipment: double-station four-process CNC woodworking cutting machine

Advantages of double-station four-process CNC woodworking cutting machine

The four-process CNC woodworking cutting machine is equipped with four high-speed spindles that can be switched instantly, and the tool change speed is very fast, and each spindle can be individually replaced with different tools;

Servo motor, high-precision rack drive, combined with air-cooled cutting spindle, make engraving faster;

Both shafts are driven by racks, with high speed and high efficiency. The idle speed can reach 60,000mm/min, and the processing speed can reach 20,000mm/min.

The newly upgraded strip-shaped vacuum adsorption table has stronger adsorption capacity, no running board during processing, and higher precision;

High-quality steel structure welded bed, strong rigidity, avoid bed deformation during processing, and maintain ultra-high machining accuracy;

Using upper silver square guide rail, double row and four row ball slide block, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life.

Extreme design, ultra-high board utilization rate, up to more than 98%, daily board savings of 20%;

The whole process of Weihong operating system is controlled by one person, which is easy to learn;

It has the functions of breakpoint, power failure, and continuous carving, saving trouble and worry.

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