Foam Cutting Machine

What do you need to know about the operation of the foam cutting machine?

The hot wire foam cutting machine melts the foam by heating the  wire to achieve the effect of cutting the foam. What do you need to know to operate a CNC foam cutting machine?

Foam Cutting MachineWhat should I do if the wire of the foam cutting machine is broken?

If it is multi-wire, it is recommended to change the wire after the whole workpiece is processed, which will not affect the processing size of other workpieces, and the unfinished piece will be processed separately. Change the monofilament and reposition it before processing. The power-off memory of the equipment is generally inaccurate and it is not recommended to use it.

Foam Cutting Machine

How to debug the CNC foam cutting machine?

After installing the machine, adjust the X/Y axis stroke of the equipment, set the limit stroke, and confirm the verticality of the wire. According to the foam with a foam density of about 18 kg, the voltage of the regulator can be adjusted to about 50V and adjusted to The corresponding equipment operating speed.

How to quickly slot the foam line cutting machine?

It is best to choose multi-filament slotting for foam cutting machine, and hang multiple filaments according to the size of the slotting, and the effect is the fastest.

How to adjust the speed of the foam cutting machine?

The foam cutting machine can be operated in the system to adjust the processing speed, and the X/Y axis has a display interface to directly input the processing speed.

How does the foam cutting machine fix the foam board cutting?

The foam cutting machine does not need to fix the foam, because the cutting principle is non-contact cutting. The foam does not need to be in contact with the foam during the cutting process. The heating wire will melt the foam when the temperature reaches the foam melting point. If the foam is too thin, it will not stand. You can choose to fix the tooling at a position that does not affect the processing.

Foam cutting machine sample_Hot Wire foam cutting machine SamplesHot wire foam cutting machineHot Wire foam cutting machine Sample

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