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How to distinguish feeder and engraving machine?

With the development of the panel furniture industry, furniture factories have replaced the traditional way of producing furniture with numerical control equipment. Many bosses told us that the cutting machines of other companies are cheaper than yours when they inspect the equipment. Where is it cheaper? Today, Jiabang CNC will talk to you about why this happens, because many cutting machines are improved on the basis of engraving machines, so what is the difference between engraving machines and cutting machines?

CNC Router MachineThe difference between the cutting machine and the engraving machine?

The engraving machine is generally used for engraving various flower-shaped, door-shaped and other patterned processing. The engraving machine can also be used for cutting, but the speed is slower than that of the cutting machine.

The cutting machine is mainly used to cut a large piece into small pieces of different sizes. It is used to customize panel furniture cutting, punching, and slot milling. It has a unique double-layer adsorption table and auxiliary feeding rollers, which is convenient for workers to get up and down. Material, CNC cutting machine is evolved from woodworking engraving machine.

Loading and unloading: The engraving machine generally does not have loading and unloading, and the cutting machine basically has auxiliary loading.

CNC Router Machine

Positioning cylinder: The engraving machine does not need to be copied, so there is no need for positioning, and there is no positioning cylinder. When cutting and punching, it needs to be reprinted, so secondary positioning is required. With positioning cylinder.

Processing speed: The engraving machine does not need to cut a large area, and the cutting machine needs to cut a large area. The cutting machine mainly uses lace knives for modeling, and the cutting machine is mainly for cutting grooves and punching holes.

CNC Router Machine

The cutting machine and the engraving machine are two concepts, and the cutting machine is an upgraded version of the engraving machine. The cutting machine is mainly used for furniture, home improvement, paint-proof doors, woodworking decoration, wooden handicrafts, cabinet doors, screens, etc. It can process wood, plastic, plexiglass, insulating materials, pvc, etc. Loading and unloading, all processes are available. Mainly used for relief, advertising, wooden handicrafts, product shell processing, musical instrument processing, etc. If automatic tool change is required, the price is also more than 60,000 to 70,000 yuan, such as two heads, three heads, or four drags. In order to adapt to a large number of cutting work, the spindle of the CNC cutting machine is larger than that of the ordinary engraving machine, and the power of the driving motor is also relatively large, which meets the work requirements of convenient cutting. From the point of view of the sheet material utilization rate of the cutting machine, the cutting function is suitable for the docking of professional cutting software, and it is a special model for the panel furniture industry.

How to distinguish feeder and engraving machine

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