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Which brand of woodworking cutting machine is good?

With the development of the furniture industry, traditional table saws and woodworking engraving machines have been unable to meet the requirements of plate cutting, especially the cutting and stamping of some special-shaped plates. Under such a background, the woodworking cutting machine came into being, and was welcomed by the majority of panel furniture manufacturers for its fast, accurate and efficient cutting method. After several years of development, there are more and more brands and more and more choices. Which brand of woodworking cutting machine is good? Many people are dazzled by the information on various wood cutting machine manufacturers. Xiaobian to treat everyone’s fear of choice.

CNC cutting machineThe function of woodworking cutting machine:

Intelligent control: It adopts industrial intelligent all-in-one control system, which has functions such as breakpoint, continuous engraving after power failure, automatic error correction and return to the origin. It effectively guarantees the processing accuracy during all-weather work, supports U disk operation, and avoids computer virus interference. It has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency, and easy learning. Customers can quickly and flexibly master the use of equipment.

Strong stability: All accessories of the whole machine should be marked and assembled, and the error should be controlled within five wires to ensure the stability of the whole machine

Software support functions: advanced three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm, stable polylines, to ensure curve running speed and accuracy. The advanced file preprocessing function can help users correct errors in file processing in a timely manner, and can be well compatible with the processing codes generated by various software at home and abroad.

CNC cutting machine

Cost saving: The utilization rate of the board is high, and the cost of raw materials is saved. Automatic intelligent optimization typesetting software, no need for manual calculation, just input the size of the printing plate, the computer automatically optimizes the typesetting, generates the processing code, the time is short, the optimization rate is high, and the error-free rate is greatly improved.

Improve the production environment of the factory: The professional vacuuming device has a good vacuuming effect, which completely changes the phenomenon of “dusting all over the sky” of the traditional push table saw, giving workers a good and healthy working environment and reducing a lot of labor costs.

Perfect after-sale service: Perfect after-sale service system, after-sale service teams are all over the country, deployed nearby, and quickly solve customer problems

Jiabang CNC is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, providing sales and after-sales service of automatic woodworking equipment and CNC equipment. The main products are panel furniture production line, CNC cutting machine, woodworking cutting machine, cabinet door cutting machine, etc., providing users with stable and reliable intelligent production equipment

CNC cutting machine

Recommended equipment: disc tool changer machining center plus row drill

The disc-type tool changer machining center plus row drill is equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, a 9-hole drilling package, and operates independently. Usually used in conjunction with labeling machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms. Fast, high precision, efficient and stable. The iGC-TD series is popular among wooden door manufacturers to save manpower and time and is specially designed for wooden door production lines. It is mainly used in the processing of various furniture doors, such as: wooden doors, cabinet doors, etc.

Disc type tool change machining center plus row drill


Optimized cutting, punching, grooving, and perfect combination, the process is uninterrupted, to maximize the efficiency and output, and the strong compatibility can be seamlessly connected with a variety of order dismantling software;

Adopting modular design, you can choose three modular units: single spindle + CNC drilling package, dual spindle + CNC drilling package, automatic tool change spindle of disc tool magazine + CNC drilling package;

Adopt 200×250 thick-walled square tube bracket structure, engineering aesthetic appearance design structure, tempering or vibration vector effect treatment, imported pentahedron metal processing center for high-precision milling;

It adopts side-mounted type, 3 flange sliders on one side design structure, stable operation, full dust-proof design structure of rack guide rail, guide rail adopts segmented structure, and the replacement of guide rail does not require professionals, which is more convenient;

Numerical control system, stable performance, simple operation, ordinary people can complete the operation after simple training without professional knowledge;

The double-layer hollow vacuum adsorption table is adopted, which can adsorb plates of different sizes, and the minimum opening plate can reach 25mm;

The four-direction, six-action plate automatic positioning system is adopted, the plate positioning is faster and more accurate, and it matches the automatic detection system of the plate feeding position, which can effectively prevent various unexpected situations that may occur during the plate feeding process;

Matching the central intelligent dust removal system can ensure the effective cleaning and collection of the particulate waste in all links and parts, and can effectively ensure the continuity of the cutting work;

Equipped with a central automatic lubricating system, set to automatically inject oil at regular intervals to ensure the efficient operation of the machine

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