What is the use of CNC router machine?


Understand what is the purpose of CNC router machine? We need to understand what is CNC router machine first. CNC router machine also called CNC router, CNC milling machine, CNC engraving machine, CNC cutting machine. CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. As the name suggests, computerized or automated control is used to process or subtract the product layer commonly referred to as a workpiece. CNC processing is suitable for various products, including wood, plastic, acrylic, stone and some metal materials (such as steel). By using CNC machining, various customized parts can be constructed.

CNC router machine are similar to CNC milling machines and other CNC machines of this type, but they are more efficient and also reduce waste.


Like every CNC machine, the CNC  machine starts with a large size. Older models are only used for industrial purposes and they are large because compactness is not required in industry.

However, as the progress continues and their applications begin to appear on a smaller scale, the development of smaller sizes has also begun, and there are now desktop CNC wood machine that can be installed on desktop computers. Compared with large industrial products, the reduction in size does affect power, but they are fast and efficient. We can simply connect them to the computer and operate on the computer.


The following steps explain the working principle of CNC router machine

CAD design

Since the process is automated and controlled by a computer, the first thing required to operate a CNC router machine is a form that the computer can understand and data for the CNC engravingmachine, which can be converted into a CAD model for the computer to design products .

The CAD model is produced in multiple languages, some of which are built-in, but it is also possible to use external software to design the CAD model and then incorporate it into the CNC routers.

CNC settings

After the CAD model is designed, it cannot be used directly on the CNC router machine. It must be converted to CNC format, and then used to generate programming code to control the CNC engraving machine. These programming codes contain various instructions related to the movement of the cutter head, which are essential because the work is completed according to the given instructions.

To this end, CNC wood machine use various programming languages. Some programming languages are G code and M code. These two programming languages are used in combination. G code or geometry code is used to control the basic movement of the cutter head. Time, direction and movement mode are controlled by G code.

M codes, also called miscellaneous function codes, control miscellaneous functions at the beginning and end of the process. These processes include opening and closing the machine cover, and can also automatically remove the product.

Execute program

After setting the cutter head and converting the design file, the last step is to execute the program after verifying the setting.

Use wooden CNC router machine

In the early days of carpentry career, CNC cutting machine did not seem to help much compared with traditional methods. When it is necessary to make complex or complex shapes, the needs and requirements of CNC wood machine will appear. Increased demand and mass production are other reasons for the need for CNC router machine.

The reasons mentioned below explain why wooden CNC router machine can help.

Work waste

A very important economic, ecological and efficient reason for switching to a CNC router machine is to reduce the generation of waste. Compared with CNC router machine, the standard routers used are not efficient in operation, and the accuracy of CNC router machine is much higher than that of standard routers. The computerization of the operation eliminates the opportunity for human error during the operation, thereby saving a lot of time and valuable resources.


Another important reason for switching to CNC router machine is that it provides perfect repeatability. This is especially helpful for mass production of specific orders. By designing a 3-D model and producing multiple components on the basis of a single model, we have eliminated possible changes in mass-produced products, because compared to mass-produced products, computer-controlled operations have not changed much the same as using standard routers. product.


Another main point of turning to CNC router machine is the ease of operation. In order to operate the wood CNC router machine, the computerized operation does not require operating expertise. As technological progress has shown, the need to work tirelessly is disappearing. CNC router-based operations are only based on computer processes, so the only professional knowledge required to operate CNC router machine is computer knowledge. Through computer training, workers can develop various products based on their knowledge and creativity.


Another very important aspect of moving to a CNC router machine is the security process it provides. Through the implementation of automated operations and enclosed operating areas, the safety of workers is given priority, and they do not have to be near or near the tool head and the dangerous components of the operations performed.

Production capacity and resources

The increase in efficiency and the increase in operating speed are important reasons for the switch to wood CNC router machine. Compared with traditional methods and routers, the use of CNC router machine can double the production capacity and speed. If similar production capacity and speed are improved on traditional routers, the quality and repeatability will be greatly compromised. By increasing production speed and capacity, resource usage will also be reduced. Due to the high operating efficiency, compared with traditional routers, resource consumption will be greatly reduced, and the quality will not be affected in any way.

These are some of the reasons why a wood CNC router machine is used.

What can a CNC router machine do

Speaking of the functions of CNC router machine, it does not mean that we are talking about the work of CNC cutting machine and the engraving methods and steps adopted by CNC router machine. Here, this means what type of material can be engraved with a CNC engraving machine. When we talk about these materials, it itself contains a variety of materials that can belong to this field.

Since the CNC router can engrave with the help of very hard and sharp tools, and can be carved together with wood and cardboard materials, the CNC router can also engrave acrylic, PVC board, 2-color board, wood board, rubber board . All applications listed are within the scope of polymers. Polymers have very low strength, and their elastic limit is also very high. This means that processing such materials is very easy and can be processed with tools made of high-speed steel or tool steel. Engraving has been carried out on this polymer material since ancient times, such as acrylic, PVC board, 2-color board and rubber board. They are widely used in different industries, and due to the ease of processing of these materials, most of the work is done on CNC cutting machine. The following figure shows the processing and engraving on different types of polymer materials, including acrylic, PVC board, 2-color cardboard and rubber board.

Now it is developing towards ceramic materials. The CNC cutting machine also has the function of engraving very high-strength and fragile materials. Some examples of this material are MDF, marble, glass and crystal. Because these materials have very high strength, their processing is somewhat difficult. But this is not impossible, and the operation can be made easier by changing the process parameters and the cutting tools used. Since these materials are very brittle, the cutting or engraving used is made of tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide itself is ceramic, and it is also possible to engrave many hard materials. Since this material is a bit expensive, it is only used for engraving ceramics and brittle materials. The figure below shows the engraving procedure on different ceramic products.

Last but not least, metals have also found very popular applications in CNC cutting machine. Today, most work is done on metal. This is because the new alloy has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. For this purpose, wood has been replaced in many applications in daily life. Now, like ceramics, cutting tools are made of tungsten carbide. In this case, the tools are either made of tungsten carbide or diamond. Because a large amount of heat energy is released during the metal engraving process, and a large amount of heat is released at the cutting point. Therefore, the tip melts and solves this problem. Diamond is the first choice because of its high melting point. Some metals used by CNC router for engraving are copper, aluminum, and some steels are usually mild steel. The picture below shows the CNC router engraving different metals.

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