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What kind of configuration should woodworking engraving machine have?

The high-profile woodworking engraving machine is the highest-configured machine among ordinary engraving machines. In order to meet the needs of the market, IGOLDEN CNC has specialized in the production and development of high-profile woodworking engraving machines. The editor will introduce the obvious advantages of woodworking engraving machines.

Double Head CNC Router MachineFirst of all, the woodworking engraving machine generally adopts a double-head configuration. The double-headed woodworking engraving machine can improve the engraving efficiency of the sliding door panel. The woodworking engraving is a relief engraving, and the single-head engraving speed is slow, so a double-head design is required, which can greatly improve the production. efficiency.

Double-head engraving can increase the width of the machine according to the needs, ensuring that two coffin boards can be engraved at the same time, and the machine bed is made of thickened square tubes, which fully guarantees the stability of the machine.

Woodworking engraving machine

The machine adopts seamless welded steel plate gantry, which ensures that the gantry will not shake or deform under high-strength working conditions.

The selection of accessories is also the selection of the best accessories. The high-power water-cooled spindle and the guide rail are all genuine Taiwan silver square rails to ensure the overall stable operation of the machine.

The use of sliding door engraving machine has started in the past few years, but the technology has matured in the past two years. Superstar CNC allows customers to use the most suitable machine to do the most suitable work.

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