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1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Throughout the development of the metal processing industry, low-quality and efficient processing can no longer meet the requirements of customers. To be able to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment, it is necessary to improve processing quality and improve production efficiency. The fiber laser cutting machine has been put into use very well. To solve this problem. The fiber laser cutting machine not only has a high-quality and stable processing range, which is suitable for both thickness and thickness, but also improves the cutting efficiency, especially the cutting speed of stainless steel and aluminum plates, and ensures low operating costs per unit time. At present, the relatively high cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine should be 1500W, which is similar to 2000W in performance, but has considerable advantages in terms of price, and is a wise choice for many processing companies. The following editor will introduce the characteristics of the 1500W fiber laser cutting machine.

Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting MachineFlatbed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1530Flatbed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1530Flatbed Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Industry advantages and status of 1500W fiber laser cutting machine

1500W fiber laser cutting machine means that the laser is 1500W power, but the processing format of 1500W fiber laser cutting machine can be customized 1500*3000, 2000*4000, 2000*6000, etc. In addition, 1500W fiber laser cutting machine is also divided into cutting board and cutting There are several types of integrated laser cutting machine for tube and 1500W plate and tube, and the purpose of these fiber laser cutting machines is also different. The 1500W fiber laser cutting machine can cut 6mm stainless steel and 20mm carbon steel. However, most of the sheet metal sheet carbon steel is below 16mm, and the stainless steel is below 6mm, so the 1500W laser cutting machine can meet daily needs.

The speed of 1mm stainless steel cut by a 1500W fiber laser is 40mm, and the acceleration is only 0.8G to meet the requirements, which is not a high-speed machine. We also limit the high speed when leaving the factory. Similar machinery and equipment are very common in factories, as long as they operate in accordance with the operating rules, they are within the safe range. When the laser cutting power is greater than 1500W, in order to give full play to the cutting efficiency, the acceleration is generally required to be greater than 1.2G, which is an area that needs to be closed for high-speed mechanical movement, and a single platform is not suitable. Commonly used cutting auxiliary gases for fiber laser cutting machines include oxygen, nitrogen, and air. Suitable for all kinds of metal plates: steel plates, stainless steel plates, iron plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, galvanized plates, cold rolled plates, silicon steel plates, spring steels, copper plates, aluminum plates, gold titanium and other metal plates.

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