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Can a CNC engraving machine cut aluminum?

When it comes to CNC craving machines, we usually think of processing acrylic and wood. Customers often ask whether CNC engraving machines can cut aluminum. “Yes, every CNC engraving machine can machine aluminum.”


When it comes to machining other metals like aluminum, most people think of professional high-end milling machines. But most CNC machines should be able to machine aluminum just fine. Aluminum cutting and engraving can be easily achieved by selecting the right spindle head and feed rate for the material. At the same time, you will find that using an aluminum alloy CNC engraving machine not only saves time and effort, but also has high efficiency.

What is the best CNC engraving machine?

The milling cutter for processing aluminum is equipped with a special professional dressing system, using high-quality sub-micron carbide, with an ultra-high polished edge, which can achieve neat cutting and ensure the surface finish of the processed material. Extend the service life of CNC machine tools.


Some skills of CNC engraving machine cutting aluminum alloy

I believe you are familiar with cutting acrylic and wood with CNC engraving machine, but how to machine aluminum with CNC engraving machine? Here are 9 tips to share with you:

  1. CNC Router MachineFixing material

Even when cutting very thin aluminum, the spindle and frame still create a lot of frictional resistance, so securing the material is important. Every part of the machine has its function and will be under a certain amount of pressure, so the machine, equipment materials, milling machines and tools must be operated strictly according to the instructions.


In addition, the less the machine moves relative to the material, the better the effect and quality of the machined part. Fixing the material is a necessary step in machining any material, but it is especially important when cutting aluminum with a CNC engraving machine. Avoid unnecessary movement between tools and materials as much as possible.


  1. Machining aluminum with special tools

CNC engraving machines are usually equipped with different tools, some of which are not suitable for use with aluminum. The tools needed to machine aluminum can only be made of aluminum. This helps to increase the spindle speed and ensure that the machine tool spindle can meet the processing requirements of high-speed operation.

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  1. Use a tool with a smaller diameter.

Use the small diameter tool to increase speed. Reducing it to 1/4 prevents deflection and reduces errors.


  1. Drills with fewer grooves have better processing results.

There will be a lot of flying chips when cutting aluminum, which is an unavoidable problem. However, we can use some accessories to leave more space between the cutting edges, so that the flying chips can be discharged in time and provide more purging space for the flying chips.


Too many grooves to choose from is not easy. If four or more chip flutes are installed and not cleaned in time, chips can clog the chip flutes and cause the drill to break.

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  1. Mainly control the feed speed.

If the feed rate is too fast at first, the spindle will wear out, but if the feed rate is too slow, it may cause the tool to rub and weaken the engraving effect. The spindle of the aluminum alloy CNC engraving machine runs at high speed almost all the time. In order to guarantee the machining effect, the milling cutter must move relatively fast.


  1. It is recommended to do a good job of lubrication.

In order to reduce the adhesion of flying debris to the tool, it is recommended to use a suitable lubricant to alleviate this phenomenon. If you want to cut small or thin aluminum, you can choose not to use a lubricant.

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Advantages of CNC engraving machine cutting aluminum

  1. Reduce processing steps

It can reduce the processing steps of aluminum alloy profiles, that is, it is more convenient to process complex processes;


  1. Cost saving

Simple operation mode, saving labor cost;


  1. High precision

The quality of the processed products is stable, the precision is good, and the repeated processing ears have high precision, which is suitable for high-demand processing needs;


4.Improve efficiency

In the case of multiple types of aluminum alloy profiles, the production efficiency is also good, the production preparation time is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the enterprise efficiency is increased;


  1. Complex cross-sections can be processed

It can process complex aluminum alloy profile sections and some aluminum alloy profile processing parts that cannot be directly viewed


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