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Which engraving machine manufacturer is good

As far as the processing principle is concerned, the engraving machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for drilling and milling compound processing. The engraving machine has a variety of data input methods as needed. The types of Jinan engraving machines mainly include woodworking engraving machines, tombstone engraving machines, laser engraving machines, advertising engraving machines, jade engraving machines, stone engraving machines, cylindrical engraving machines, mold engraving machines, micro-engraving machines, PCB circuit board engraving machines, metal engraving machines Machine engraving machine, glass engraving machine, etc.

CNC Router MachineWhich industries are engraving machines mainly used in?

The application range of the engraving machine is very wide, and the engraving machine of different types and power has different application fields:

Advertising and gift making industry: used for engraving various two-color signs, plexiglass, Wante stone door plates, three-dimensional billboards, decorative gifts, light box two-color portraits, embossed medals, wall light boxes, light guide plate engraving light boxes, organic board embossing Stereo doors, etc.

Mold industry: engraving button relief mold, printing bronzing mold, injection mold, blow mold, stamping mold, eye mold, etc.

Tobacco industry: used for packaging anti-counterfeiting labels of cigarette boxes, making templates, and making cigarette character wheels.

Circuit production, drilling and milling slots, etc. in printed circuit board (PCB) product development.

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Automotive industry: processing of tire molds, lamp molds, and decorative molds.

Minting industry: money-making watermark anti-counterfeiting molds, coin molds.

Packaging industry: foil stamping of luggage and packaging, production of plastic profiles for carton packaging.

Model making: Make sand table models, house models, etc.

Make all kinds of employee badges, house numbers, signs.

Seal industry: seal carving of various fonts and materials

Shipbuilding: deck plan layout and logo engraving.

Machining industry: dial wheel, ruler engraving.

Wood industry: used for the design and production of relief patterns.

Camera aperture zoom parts and scale processing.

Processing of complex parts such as water tank compressor valve plate.

Processing of hydraulic pump shaft stator and oil seal tank.

EDM electromechanical plate engraving processing.

Printing industry: used to make embossed boards.

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Case mould making.

Pastry mold making, etc., to name a few.

Golf head character and line treatment.

Inkstone art carving and processing.

Motorcycle gear lever machining.

Bowling lettering.

Engraving for decorative products.

Engraved jewelry.

Bathroom faucet engraving.

Sole mold processing.

Smoking engraving.

Recommended equipment: four-head woodworking engraving machine

Four-head woodworking engraving machine, as the name suggests, is a four-head woodworking engraving machine, that is, four heads can be processed at the same time or used alone, which is four times more efficient than a single head. Compared with the ordinary woodworking engraving machine, the independent four-head woodworking CNC engraving machine has three more independent processing spindles, which can be processed on one sheet at the same time. For mass production, the independent four-head woodworking CNC engraving machine is also suitable for the engraving of door panels, coffins and other processes. Widely used in solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large-area plate plane carving, solid wood carving and milling, panel furniture carving, antique mahogany furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving and other industries.


High-speed woodworking engraving machine body steel structure thick-walled steel pipe welding, after vibration aging treatment, durable, not easy to deform.

Using German-made ball screw, imported linear guide, high precision and durability.

Strong software compatibility, compatible with various CAD/CAM design and production software such as type3/artcam/Wentai.

Using the USB interface DSP handle operating system, it can work completely offline, does not occupy computer resources, and is more convenient to operate.

The design is more user-friendly, and it can be handy whether cutting vigorously or pecking carefully.

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