Which Type Of Cutting Machine Is Suitable For Processing Cabinets

If the main cabinet is the main body, for some small and medium-sized manufacturers with relatively small production needs and insufficient budget funds, they can choose a four-process cutting machine. The four-process cutting machine has four main shafts, the pneumatic tool change is fast, and the vertical hole is completed at the same time as the material is opened. Even if one of the spindles fails, it will not affect the work of the other spindles. The efficiency of special processing cabinets is not much worse than that of the in-line tool change processing center of the woodworking processing center, and the price is more economical.

Choose a four-process cutting machine to consider, double frequency conversion pre-start, fast tool change speed, high processing efficiency; it uses a new generation control system, fast data processing speed; Taiwan square rail, strong load-bearing capacity, stable operation; standard configuration Automatic material pushing and secondary dust removal function; air-cooled spindle to meet production needs.

Compared with some large manufacturers with relatively large production needs and relatively sufficient budget funds, the cabinet can be made of dual-process plus row drills or woodworking processing centers. The dual-process plus row drill cutting machine is composed of two spindles and a row drilling package. One spindle is responsible for cutting the material and the other is responsible for grooving. With the 5+4 drilling package for vertical hole operation, multiple holes can be drilled at the same time. Hole, processing efficiency is relatively high. The woodworking machining center has a large tool magazine capacity, rapid tool change, faster production efficiency and higher precision.

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