Small Mini 6060 ATC Engraving Machine

Top Full Cover Protection CNC Router Machine

Product Description

Full Cover Protection CNC Router Machine is a small CNC wood carving machine with automatic tool changer and full-protective device. It has high accuracy, good performance, low price, small footprint, and is mainly used for various small mould engraving.

Full Cover Protection CNC Router Machine mainly used for all kinds of metal materials, such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, fiber glass etc.

The standard model have FM4040 , FM6060, FM6090, machine can be customized.

Small Mini 6060 ATC Engraving Machine

Mould cnc milling machine features:

1.ATC type, linear auto tool changer or circular tool changer for choose

2.Whole machine cast by iron, very strong, table moving, high precision.

3.Imported Hiwin square rails and TBI ball screw for 3 axis.

4.Working area 600*600*200mm, Z axis zone can according your need make it.

5.Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drivers,leadshine hybrid servo motor for option.

6.Syntec controller, TK100 controller, DSP control system and NC Studio for option.

7.Machine with lubrication system, spindle cover, Japan OMRON limit switch and Schneider electrical components.

8.Available for continuous work for a long time.

9.Our routers have the features of recarving after stop and the power failure may be restored.


1.Mainly used for engraving and milling on PVC, acrylic, Organic glass, double-color plates, engineering plastics, bakelite, solid wood, etc.

2.Soft metal materials, processing of graphite electrodes, also suitable for engraving PCB circuit boards, wood model molds, crafts.

3.It can open holes and mill holes in plastic boxes, aluminum alloy cases, and panels that do not exceed the specified specifications.

4.It can also perform three-dimensional carving and drilling and milling of metal materials such as aluminum alloy and copper at a low feed rate.

The most important factors you need to consider before choosing a desktop CNC machine are:

Machine Footprint: This is important if space is a constraint for you. This parameter also affects the size of the workpiece that can be used.

Material Versatility: It is important to consider the types of material the machine can work on.

Speed: Consider the travel and cutting speed of the machine and see if it is quick enough for you. Most desktop CNCs have a PRO version which is much faster than the hobbyist version.

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