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Why does the panel furniture cutting machine Running board ?

IGOLDEN CNC will tell you why the board furniture cutting machine Running board?Some bosses don’t know much in the early stage, and some can be said to be cheap. When buying back and processing, there will be a running board phenomenon. Once the running board is used, the entire board cannot be used, which wastes the board and wastes man-hours.

Wooden Door Making ATC CNC Router MachineThe IGOLDEN CNC summarized for everyone, there are roughly the following points:

  1. The adsorption of the table is not good. This kind of machine is generally not a problem for a whole board, but it may not be able to adsorb when processing small boards.
  2. The software design path is unreasonable, such as where to start to cut, where to locate, and how to move the knife, which is also related to the specific cutting material, because different woods may have different textures.
  3. When using a panel furniture cutting machine, a density board should be added to the table as the bottom plate. The knife marks of different depths left on the bottom plate during processing are the equipment eating the plate. The bottom plate is not replaced in time, and the adsorption leaks. Can run the board.
  4. After processing a board, the cleaning of the table surface will also affect the adsorption, so the board may run off when the next board is processed.
  5. An important aspect, which cannot be adjusted later, is that during the assembly process, the contact area between the y-axis guide rack of the equipment and the bed is manually punched, and the holes are not in a straight line,resulting in the teeth on both sides of the guide. The bars are not installed on the same horizontal plane. When the equipment is running at high speed, there will be slight tremors, even if it is definitely not visible to the naked eye at the scene, it will cause the phenomenon of running boards in the later stage.

Therefore, when choosing a panel furniture cutting machine, you must carefully consider, compare more, choose a large manufacturer with guaranteed technology and assembly process, and choose a panel furniture cutting machine that suits you.

The IGOLDEN CNC cutting machine manufacturer insists on good quality and high service, only to make a good cutting machine, and to provide a practical CNC cutting machine for friends in the furniture factory.

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