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Multi-function Plasma Machine

The Introduction of Multi-function Plasma Machine

The IGP-1530 is a Multi-function Plasma Machine that has the ability to drill and mark in addition to the normal cutting functions. The machine comes with a rotary axis to cut round and square tubes.

Plasma cutters use an electric arc to cut metal. This advantage makes them the best way to cut any type of metal. It’s easy to cut curves and sharp corners, and you don’t have a rough edge to grind. A plasma cutter leaves a perfectly smooth finish, without any effort. In a home, or garage shop, combo plasma cutters and welders are an ideal solution. Two machines in one takes up less space and it is cheaper than buying both a plasma cutter and welder separately.

Multi-function Plasma MachineMulti-function Plasma Machine

Stand Alone Plasma Cutter and Plasma Cutter/Welder Combo

Admittedly, some plasma cutter and welder combos can have their restrictions. You may not always have the best welder when it also serves as a plasma cutter. This review should help in this regard. If your needs are not too demanding, a cheaper plasma cutter welder combo may suffice. It would be a matter of considering your budget vs welding performance.

I know that professional metalworkers usually prefer to have a stand-alone plasma cutter and welder setup. Two machines mean that both cutting and welding can be performed simultaneously. We all have different needs. We’ve considered this when embarking on our review of the best plasma cutters and welder combos. So, we’ll be reviewing the best plasma cutters and the best plasma cutter welding combos. Offering the best options, the combo machines are three in one, multifunction, plasma cutter, TIG and stick welder combos. This versatility is fantastic for a shop with limited space and contractors who rate portability highly.

This review includes top rated brands, which are obviously more expensive, but are amongst the very best for a hardworking professional. Knowing that this is not for everyone, we also have an extensive lineup of cheaper plasma cutters and three in one plasma welder combination machines.

Having done all the research for you, I believe that we’ve narrowed your search down. A lot of work has gone into looking at price vs quality, offering some of the very best options and the best budget plasma cutters and combos. This should provide you with a quick reference when buying the best option to meet both your budget and metalworking requirements.

IGP-1530 Muti-function Plasma machine details

Huayuan LGK63A/120A/160A/200A  / Hypertherm optional

Multifunctional plasma cutting machine,with drill head and marking head for multiple purposes

F2300A multi-function CNC control system(Or Starfire control system)

Saw tooth working table

Multi-function Plasma MachineMulti-function Plasma Machine

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