PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Application of automatic edge banding machine

Edge banding is an important process in the manufacturing process of panel furniture. The quality of edge banding directly affects the quality, price and grade of the product. By sealing the edges, the appearance quality of the furniture can be well improved, and the corners of the furniture can be prevented from being damaged during transportation and use, and the veneer layer is lifted or peeled off. At the same time, it can be waterproof, seal the release of harmful gases and reduce deformation, etc. Function, but also beautify the furniture.

PVC Automatic Edge Banding MachineThe raw materials used by panel furniture manufacturers are mainly particleboard, medium-density board and other man-made boards. The edge bands selected are mainly PVC, polyester, melamine and wood strips. Different materials and specifications of edge bands need to use different Edge banding machine.

PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Nowadays, the edge banding machines used by many furniture manufacturers mainly include manual straight curve edge banding machines and automatic linear edge banding machines. The manual edge banding machine has a relatively simple structure, and its installation, use and maintenance are relatively easy; while the fully automatic linear edge banding machine is prone to some problems during use due to its complex structure, high manufacturing precision, and high price. Therefore, installing and debugging a fully automatic linear edge banding machine is an important guarantee for maintaining a stable working condition for a long time and completing high-quality edge banding operations.

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