Wood Door Cabinet CNC Router

Wood Door Cabinet CNC Router Cutting Machine

Wood router is widely used to make wood doors, cabinet, desk, bed, etc wood furniture.

CNC cutting machine Machine Description about of Wood router

  1. Wood router uses square tube machine bed. Has more solid structure and strong stability as low center of gravity. Whole machine is welded with seamless steel structure. The rigidity is good, not easy to be deformed.
  2. Wood cutting router uses high precision Germany linear square tracks, with ball sliders in two arrays and four rows. Makes large load bearing and stable working.
  3. Wood cabinet CNC router uses high power spindle. Not only has good performance in wood work, but it is also strong enough to engrave and cut copper, aluminum, iron, and other metals.
  4. Wood cutting router uses imported rack and gear transport system. Largely improve the speed of the machine.
  5. Wood cutting router uses imported linear square rails. Good loading capacity, smooth operation and high precision, long life time.

Wood Door Cabinet CNC Router

Machine Application of the Wood Door Cabinet CNC Router

Wood router is widely used in different industries.

  1. Woodwork industry: wood cutting router is widely used to make wood crafts, picture frames cutting, handicraft carving wave plates, wooden door and etc.
  2. Advertising industry: advertising materials such as PVC, acrylic, double color plate.
  3. Stone working industry: such as marble, granite, artificial stones, tombstones, milepost, ceramic tile, glass and etc.
  4. Metal industry: carving aluminum, copper, stainless steel and so on.
  5. Art craft: engraving characters of any languages and graphics on wood.

Wood Door Cabinet CNC Router


Q1: This is the first time I buy the wood router, is it easy to operate?

We will provide the operation manuals or videos of the wood cutting router. We can also help you by “Team viewer”online. Engineers will show you to operate the machine.

Q2: How to choose a suitable woodwork router?

Please tell us your material, size, and the request of machine function. We can recommend the suitable machine according to your need.

Q3. If wood working machinery has any problem after I ordered it, what could I do?

Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if it has any problem. Free after sales service for machine. Please feel free contact us if your machine has any problem. Engineers will guide you to check the machine to find the problem and solve it.

Q4. What’s your date of delivery?

For standard wood router, about 10 – 15 working days;  For customized wood working machine, about 15 – 20 working day.

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