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2 Heads 1325 CNC Router Machine for Sale

What is the 2 Heads 1325 CNC Router Machine?

2 Heads 1325 CNC Router Machine is popular used in woodworking, sign making, mold making, arts and crafts, now the best 1325 CNC router for sale at affordable price, free service and support.1325 CNC Router for Sale at best price, this is an Entry-level CNC, affordable, durable and powerful, easy to learn & operate, it is a top choice for small business and beginners.

The 2 heads CNC router machine is suitable for a variety of complex product processing or diverse processing, with pneumatic tool changer, with a wide range of functions: engraving, milling, chamfering, side milling, drilling, cutting, slotting, etc. We will free Provide you machine features, application, technical parameters, machine price and other consulting services.

1325 CNC Router Machine

Features of the 2 Heads 1325 CNC Router

This 4×8 CNC router is good at the cutting & engraving of Wood, plywood, MDF, acrylic, plastic, soft metal(copper, aluminum), etc.

  1. 4×8 CNC Router is a good choice for both usages of personal hobby and commercials;
  2. Single control box placed inside the machine, this design saves more working space;
  3. CNC kits of this machine are cost-efficient, it saves a lot and is very economical in terms of maintenance

The Third-generation Gantry

The gantry is machining with the thickened rectangular tube that can bear the weight of fewer than 700 kilograms and annealed.

High strength, good rigidity, lightweight, no deformation, long service life.

The damage to the motion conduction device is small, the resistance to the driving motor is small, the accuracy of the gantry is maintained for a long time, the service life is improved, and the maintenance and use cost are reduced.

Applications of the 2 Heads 1325 CNC Router

Building Industry (General Woodworking, Kitchen Cabinet & Door, Facades & Curtainwall, Column & Balustrade)

Sign& Advertising (Signage Indoor & Outdoor, Engraving& Bas-Relief, 3D Letters, Funeral)

Relief sculpture and 3D engraving and cylindrical project.

Plastics & Composites (ACP, ACM and solid surface material, etc)

Non-ferrous metals & Marine

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