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Best 4×8 CNC Routers for Milling a Full-Size Sheet

If you are looking for a CNC Router to work a full 4×8 sheet of plywood, MDF, or any other sheet material, then this guide will help you choose the right machine for your need.

I considered almost several different popular CNC Router brands to come up with the best choices for each price category.

3 Axis Single Head CNC Router Machin

The most important factors I considered were accuracy, speed, software availability, ease of use, ease of assembly, warranty, customer support, the community around the product, and longevity.


Considering all these factors I found the PRO4896 4×8 CNC Router from Avid CNC to be the best overall choice due to its efficient and fast cutting, highly rigid extruded aluminum frame, dual drive rack and pinion drive system, and maintenance-free operation.

A better description of this category would be routers costing between $20,000 and $25,000 because beyond the avid CNC, cost of CNC machines range between $20,000 and $25,000 for their most basic 4×8 models with all essentials included.

At this price range, most CNCs come fully assembled or as pre-assembled modules, unlike the Avid CNC which comes as a kit that needs to be assembled and trammed for accuracy.

The shopbot is controlled by its own proprietary software that is included with the machine purchase.

It is an incredibly easy-to-learn and use software program with enough features to accomplish anything you might need.

Almost all industrial CNC machines have a welded chassis, and this helps tremendously in reducing the vibrations in the machine.

The disadvantage to having a welded steel frame is the lack of flexibility if you wish to expand your machine to a 5×10 or bigger down the road.

With a bolted steel frame, you can often buy extra components and do the upgrade.

Like all fully assembled CNCs, you will need pallet jacks and help to move this heavy 1500 lbs. CNC into your shop.

The Stinger III has rack and pinion drives for the X and Y axes. A ball screw drive is used for the shorter Z-axis, unlike the PRSalpha which uses rack and pinion for Z-axis as well.

The 8′ Y-axis is dual drive with two motors, as is with all good 4×8 CNC routers.

Stinger 3 has a maximum cutting speed of 500 ipm and rapids of 1000 ipm, which is the lowest among all the 3 CNCs in this category.

The standard version ships with a 3.5 HP Milwaukee Router, unlike the PRSalpha which ships with a 4HP spindle, and that is a bit underwhelming.

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