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ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang DrillingWhich brand of custom furniture wardrobe cabinet board cutting machine is good? This question is a question asked by a customer who is making custom furniture, wardrobes and cabinets online today. There are many kinds of cutting machines for wardrobe cabinets, including three-process panel furniture cutting machine, two-process cutting machine with row drilling and bag cutting, CNC cutting and punching machine (CNC drilling and cutting processing center), double-table panel type Furniture CNC cutting machine and so on. Before choosing a cutting machine brand, you should know your real needs, because you do not buy a cutting machine for the brand, but for your own use and to meet your own processing needs.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

Speaking of the manufacturers and brands of Jinan panel furniture CNC cutting machine, it is really dazzling. Because Jinan has been a heavy industry development base since ancient times, companies such as Sinotruk and Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Factory have driven the development of related small and medium-sized machinery enterprises. Therefore, products similar to door and window equipment, insulating glass equipment, food processing equipment, packaging equipment, and engraving machines can develop rapidly in Jinan. Therefore, if you choose a cutting machine, you must choose it from the Jinan market. This is a national production base. First, the geographical scope is locked. At least the professionalism is much stronger than other regions. Then it is the question of starting to choose the brand of wardrobe cabinet board cutting machine. The same three-process cutting machine is available in the Jinan market from more than 30,000 to more than 60,000. Why is there such a difference? The configuration of the cutting machine is definitely one aspect. In addition, the workmanship and the company’s management costs have an impact. When we buy any product, we must buy the right one, just the one that suits us. The main direction of Jiabang CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is the cutting machine with the highest cost performance. I hope you have the opportunity to visit the factory!

Panel furniture CNC cutting machine manufacturers

The most significant feature of panel furniture technology is efficiency, which is reflected in standard cutting equipment (panel furniture CNC cutting machine, wardrobe cutting machine, cabinet cutting machine), standard panels, standard hardware connectors, standard hole design and The standard drilling equipment is reflected in the relatively stylized assembly line and the infinite combination of parts and components. Its core idea is “components are products”. All sales, design, manufacture, and management revolve around components. Especially in recent years, the market changes are irreversibly dominated by the individual requirements of small batches and multiple varieties. Traditional panel furniture is facing new challenges and changes in terms of management, technology, manufacturing and sales, forcing people to solve market problems. The contradiction between individualization and sizing requirements and the large-scale production of enterprises will inevitably lead to common changes in the entire enterprise system, such as management, design and process technology, in order to adapt to the changing market requirements. It has created a mass-customized manufacturing model and business model. Therefore, the panel furniture manufacturing technology is not only a technical problem, but also a management problem, a design problem, an information problem, and a system problem.

In order to fully understand the connotation and extension of panel manufacturing technology, grasp the essence by thoroughly understanding the concept, and learn and master the core technology of panel furniture, let’s learn what technology and its manifestations are, and what is panel furniture manufacturing technology.

Recognize technology and its technological progress

The main content of the industry information on this website is to introduce technology, panel furniture cutting equipment (panel furniture CNC cutting machine, wardrobe cutting machine, cabinet cutting machine) and various technologies for manufacturing panel furniture. But what exactly is technology? What is the manufacturing technology of panel furniture? If this question is not clear, it is difficult to clearly know what to learn, how to learn, and how to recognize and deal with the relationship between various technical elements. However, many people are not very clear, and need to understand the definition of technology and its manifestations at a theoretical level.

In modern industrial production, any production activity has three controllable factors, namely input, output and technology to convert input into output. Technology is seen as a means of transforming natural resources into productive resources, or one productive resource into another productive resource. The transformation between input and output in the production process is achieved by technology. In this sense, technology can be viewed as a combination of four basic elements, which are:

Production equipment and processes. It is the physical form of technology, including material equipment and processes necessary for resource conversion activities. Such as machines, equipment, workshops, etc., called equipment elements or equipment parts.

Production skills and experience. It is the artificial form of technology, including the capabilities required for resource transformation activities. Such as professional knowledge, operational skills, creativity and experience, known as the human element or human condition of technology.

production data and information. It is the information form of technology, including materials and information necessary for resource transformation activities, such as theory and design, materials, specifications, software, etc., which are called information elements or information conditions of technology.

Organization, planning and management of production. It is the organizational form of technology, including the organization and management required in the transformation of resources, such as distribution, sales, management systems, etc., which are called organizational elements and organizational conditions.

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